The course of the Fisheries as per week 7/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity for the blue whiting and still some activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring at the west coast of Norway.
The capelin fishery at Iceland is over, while the capelin in the Barents Sea is fairly absent so far. 

Blue whiting
Following the initial start last week, the conditions have been changing both when it comes to availability - and weather. In periods the fish has been observed in a limited area, pretty close to the EU zone's border line. By then end of the week however, the fleet was operating in several areas from 50° 30' N and further north towards 52° N 16° W into international waters.
As a total, last week came out with 42.500 MT. The good results have partly led to some waiting time when delivered in Norway. Also plants in Denmark, Killybegs and at the Faroe Isles have received fish. The buyers for consumption purposes in Killybegs have signalized their interest, and a couple of catches have been delivered accordingly.
The price level for consumption purposes varies from NOK 2,10 - 2,30. For meal&oil the price has been falling over the week from NOK 2,10 - 2,05 in Norway, - and from NOK 2,20 - 2,13 abroad. The average from last week: NOK 2,10.
In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected and by good catches, the vessels must to be prepared for some waiting time.

Capelin at Iceland
By midnight Sunday night the capelin season at Iceland was closed and the Nw part of the quota had been taken. Summing up, there is still 100 MT left, - on the other hand all vessels are not yet unloaded. The season has been a challenge when it comes to the weather, in particular last week allowing for just very short catching periods.
The catching has been performed in areas north of Iceland, last week as far as 21° W. The capelin from these waters was smaller sized as an average when compared to fish previously caught, up to 55 pcs/kg. From Iceland we are now told that capelin is observed east of the island, and being of better size -  but to no help when the fact is that the quota is fulfilled and the very last day of catching is out.
Last week gave a total of 3.875 MT and the main part was sold for consumption. During this year's season 27.000 MT were sold for consumption purposes and 23.500 MT were sold for meal&oil production.  The price level for consumption; NOK 2,60 - 3,11, with an average at NOK 2,71. - NOK 2,30 for reduction purposes.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Last Monday we got the very first report of capelin from the Barents Sea. The vessel "Trønderbas" was taking her quota of 760 MT. Mixed size was fairly small, the samples indicated between 55 - 65 pcs/kg being delivered for reduction purposes. The catch was taken north of the cape, grid 03-23. During the rest of the week, the catching was stopped by the weather, until Saturday when vessels again headed for catching capelin.
On Sunday night there were no further registrations in the Barents Sea and five vessels are widely spread looking. In the forthcoming week more vessels are expected to join in.

Atlanto Scandic herring
There are still some vessels searching the Atlanto Scandic herring off the western coast of Norway. After five days staying in port, the vessels headed out again on Thursday and got almost 4.400 MT until Sunday. The size is varying from 331 - 347g. The spawning has started and from the northernmost areas the spawning is likely to be completed in a short while.  Further south the herring roe is still more firm.
The market seems good despite some buyers have concluded their herring season. Now it is mainly the smaller coastal vessels still catching Atlanto Scandic herring, but a few trawlers are also taking part. The price level at the auctions is from NOK 5,15 in the low end to NOK 6,11 in the high end, with an average at NOK 5,66.
In the forthcoming week still some activity is expected, but vessels are near to fulfil their quotas. The activity will most like move further south because that's where the herring has not yet started spawning.

The deliveries of winter mackerel from foreign vessels are now towards its end. Last week just three catches were reported amounting to 3.560 MT. The mackerel has been registered in an area west of Ireland, grid 46-07 and 48-16. The average size last week: 382 - 407 g.

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