The course of the Fisheries as per week 8/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Best week this season for blue whiting from west of Ireland; more than 60.000 MT.  More quiet for the capelin in the Barents Sea and moderate also when it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring at the North-western coast. 

Blue whiting
This season's best week for blue whiting; 60.500 MT registered last week. We have to go as far back as 2008 to get a higher volume for one single week. Altogether 36 vessels have been operating and the entire volume has been caught in international waters west and southwest of Ireland.

The fishing has in periods been hampered by the weather, in addition to challenges following a high number of vessels taking part. Also Russian vessels have been trawling in this area.

All catches, except one, have been sold for reduction purposes in Norway, Denmark and Ireland.
The prices have been in the range from minimum price of NOK 1,93 to NOK 2,12 at the highest. One catch was sold for consumption purposes in Killybegs. The interest among buyers is increasing and the challenge is to find better sized fish in accordance with what the market demands. The best size is fish above 140 g.
Sunday night the fleet again was hampered by stormy weather. Hopefully weather conditions will not be a hindrance all week.

In the Barents Sea there have been some vessels operating, and from ten different vessels 6.200 MT are registered. Of this volume 3.500 MT are sold for reduction purposes, and the remaining part; 2.700 MT were sold for consumption purposes.
The capelin is small; mixed catches in the range from 56-63 pcs/kg.  By this size the market demand for consumption purposes is very limited. The catches sold for consumption got prices from NOK 2,41-2,81. For meal&oil, the price was just above NOK 2.

Hopefully denser concentrations will appear in the forthcoming week and not to forget better sized capelin.  - There is still 65.000 MT left of this year's quota.

Atlanto Scandic herring
The catching of Atlanto Scandic herring at the Northwestern coast this year is quite minor compared to previous years of high yield. Just 1.400 MT of herring were registered last week. If we compare to the very same week in 2009, the catch was then 34.700 MT. This reduction is a result of lower quotas - and also due to more herring caught further north earlier during the season. The catches were by the beginning of the week taken off the coast of Sunnmøre, while later, the catching was off Bremanger.
The size was between 330-348 g and prices from NOK 5,50 - 5,85.

Also during the forthcoming week a low activity is expected. Attracting more tension are the results of the late herring survey to be presented on Friday by the Institute of Marine Research. Based on optimistic signals from both researchers and fishermen taking part, expectations are quite high.

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