The course of the Fisheries per week 5/2015

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

We've had a good week of capelin fisheries bu Iceland but no vessel have found blue whiting west of Ireland thus far. The fishery for Atlanto Scandic  Herring has moved south, we've had a decent week of foreign mackerel being landed in Norway and no vessels have so far gone north to look for capelin in the Barents Sea.

Even if the weather took a turn for the worst part of the week and the fleet headed for shore, the week quantity of capelin was 27 750 tonnes. The catching takes place north of Iceland close to shore. The average size ( for both male and female capelin) varies from 40 to 46 pcs. per kilo.

9 360 tonnes was landed for human consumption and is sold to buyers on Iceland. 15 390 tonnes were for fishmeal and fishoil and were sold to buyers on Iceland and in Norway. The price levels are from NOK 2,77 to NOK 3,06 for human consumption landings and NOK 2,65 to NOK 2,99 for fishmeal/oil. The average is NOK 2,88  and NOK 2,94 respectively.

Vi have seen a reduction in price late in the week, meaning that buyers are entering lower bids in the auction. This is connected to a increasingly good fishery for capelin by Icelandic vessels . We heard that some factories are operating at full capacity and they are not able to bid for more catches. These thing change on a daily basis.

Friday afternoon we received signals that the Icleandic capelin quota will increase to 580 000 tonnes. This will also mean a significant increase for the Norwegian quota there, we will have the exact numbers later this week.

Atlanto-Scandic herring

The week the fishery has moves south and was also affected by the bad weather out at sea. The last catches are taken north of Halten banken.

But even though the majority of the fleet has heads south there is still fishing going on in the north. Reports are still indicating large quantities of herring at the fjords of Senja but few vessels fishing in the area. In some of the catches there were mixes in smaller sizes of herring.

From the area north of Lofoten we have had 1 640 tonnes reported, from the areas from Træna-Vega 1 645 tonnes and from the Halten areas 920 tonnes, the total being just over 4 200 tonnes. The purse seine fleet has contributed 100 tonnes, trawlers 1 210 tonnes and coastal vessels 2 415 tonnes.
The sizes in the north varies from 282 grams to 339 grams and further south from 310 grams to 340 grams. The price range has been from NOK 4,99 to NOK 6,21, average price NOK 5.96.


This week we have had a little over 11 000 tonnes mackerel landed and all has been from a total of nine foreign vessels. The catches are mainly taken northwest of the Hebrides

Blue Whiting

Some vessels have been searching for blue whiting in international waters west of Ireland, but we have had no reports of significant findings. Last year we had the first catches of blue whiting on February 16, 2014.


One vessels have set course for the southern North Sea to look for the 200 tonnes of ocean sprat left on the quota. The vessel is reporting of catches of 40-60 tonnes per day.

In the Barents sea no vessels have so far gone looking for capelin there. Last year the first catches were taken February 7th 2014 on the Nordkappbank , in fishing area 1212. We are expecting the first vessels to commence fishery in the Barents Sea this week.

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