The course of the Fisheries as per week 1/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A Happy New Year to everyone reading "The course of Fisheries"!

It has been a quiet start for the pelagic fisheries into 2015. The vessels aiming for ocean sprat were hampered by stormy weather during the first days of the New Year, while the catching of Atlanto Scandic herring up north has not yet got started.

Atlanto Scandic herring
On the very last day of 2014 the last 2014-catch of Atlanto Scandic herring was registered, - and on 2nd of January the first catch of 2015 was registered. The size was varying from 325-350 g, with an average at 337 g. The grand total of last week; 2285 MT. Not surprisingly the prices fell a bit compared to what was registered just before Christmas. The week's average price was NOK 5,57.
Higher activity is expected in the forthcoming week and promising observations are made off Senja Island.

North Sea herring
Also some North Sea herring was caught in the last week of 2014, - by trawl. 600 MT were taken in the EU zone southeast of Shetland. On Sunday the first catch of North Sea herring 2015 was registered,  - close to 600 MT, size 188 g and caught in the Nw zone near Frigg. The catch was sold to a Nw buyer, but also Danish buyers were interested. In the forthcoming week higher activity is also expected in the search for North Sea herring.
There is also some chase for herring in Skagerrak. Two vessels are operating in these waters. Until Sunday night no catches were registered, but according to what is told, they have been working.

Ocean sprat
In the days between Christmas and New Year's Eve 18 vessels set sail for the ocean sprat. One vessel got the chance to take the remaining 2014 quota amounting to some 80 MT, a volume which had to be taken before entering the new year. The new year started, however, with bad weather and some of the vessels preferred to go to port in the Netherlands, while some stayed behind to face the storm.
On Saturday the fleet was in operation and so far some 2.000 MT are registered from the quota of 9.000 MT. In addition some 4.000 MT are reported being on board vessels still operating. Three of the four vessels having registered their catch, were sold for m&o purposes, while the fourth one was sold for consumption.
The price for m&o; NOK 2,51.

The first mackerel catch of 2015 is under way to be delivered in Norway. Two foreign vessels operating according to contracts have caught some 2.000 MT in grid 4381, 70 n.m. north-northeast of the Hebrides. The size is from 375-380 g. Some twenty foreign vessels have established contracts with Nw buyers.

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