The course of the Fisheries as per week 2/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The Atlanto Scandic herring has started its migration southwards and stormy weather hampered activity in more southerly waters.

Atlanto Scandic herring
By the beginning of the week, the vessels were met by altered regulations introduced as from the turn of the year. Following some adjustments, several catches were then registered on Tuesday last week. The grand total of the week reached 13.000 MT.
The catching has mainly been performed west of Kvaløy Island and in the Bergs Fjord at Senja Island. During the weekend there also were some catches west of Myre in Vesterålen. This clearly indicates that the herring has started its migration southwards to spawn.
The size varies from 310-360 g; the average was 336 g. - The auction price for direct catches was about NOK 6,- The highest bid including the coastline southwards to Møre, was NOK 6,57.  Penned-in herring was paid between NOK 5,30-5,50.

Due to a severe stormy week in southern waters, just very few vessels aimed for Norway with mackerel. Last week four catches with a total of 4.000 MT were registered. The catches were taken northeast of the Hebrides and the size was between 334 - 375 g. The prices; NOK 6,67 -7.90. Hopefully more calm weather may improve foreign deliveries in the week to come.  Also one Nw vessel intends to go for the mackerel.

North Sea herring
Herring being available in the Nw zone inspired vessels to go for the North Sea herring. As a total 3.200 MT were caught last week. Most catches were taken just north of 60° N  and just east of the border line between Norway and EU. In addition a few catches were also taken by trawl in Skagerrak.  The size of the herring had an average from 170-203 g. The prices achieved were from NOK 4,25 in the low end to NOK 4,64 at the peak.
During the weekend also these operations were stopped by the storm "Nina".

Ocean sprat
The vessels getting access to the ocean sprat fishery, had a good start by the beginning of the week and catches from 30 to 550 MT were registered.  As a total Nw vessels caught 6.700 MT and one Swedish vessel reported 1.700 MT. The catches were taken both south and north of 53° N at well-known ocean sprat grounds in British and Dutch sector.  Of last week's volume 1.100 MT were sold for canning at prices around NOK 3,70. The remaining part was sold for meal&oil purposes to plants in Norway. The prices were in the range from NOK 2,51-2,54. The Nw quota of 9.000 MT is close to be fulfilled . Just some 200 MT remain.

Coastal sprat
One vessel, "Spjæringen", got some catches in the Oslo Fjord. The sprat was delivered in Strømstad to a Swedish buyer. The price varied according to size; for 45 pcs/kg more than NOK 5 were paid.

So far no vessels are aiming for Icelandic waters and the capelin. From Iceland it is reported that 4-5 vessels are in operation northwest of Langanes. Provided the optimism keeps on and the weather improves, bigger vessels will set their course northwest already next week.
For the capelin season in the Barents Sea it was 24 hrs. before deadline, registered 107 vessels from the coastal fleet and 18 trawlers. The Barents Sea capelin season starts on 19th of January.   

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