The course of the Fisheries as per week 3/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Last week was not dominated by high activity and consequently just low volumes were registered when it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring. In the North Sea the weather has been hampering the activities most of the week - both for herring and mackerel. The first vessels are now heading for Iceland and the capelin season - and the first vessel is also now aiming for the blue whiting heading west.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week the grand total of Atlanto Scandic herring amounted to 17.500 MT. The catching has been performed from the Katt Fjord, Malangen in north to west off Værøy Island in south. Vessels penning-in their catches have been operating in the fjords of Stønnesbotn and Lysbotn northeast of Senja Island. The trawlers and the better sized coastal fleet have been operating off Vesterålen and during the weekend west of Værøy Island. The size varies from 270 -356 g with an average at 337 g. Pricewise we have seen a reduction at the end of the week also when it comes to catches to be sold further south.  The prices have been in the range from NOK 4,50 to 6,52 with an average last week at NOK 6,01.

North Sea herring
Following several days inactivity due to the stormy weather conditions,  the wind calmed down on Thursday/Friday whereupon the vessels again set out for catching. On Saturday they were in operation, first in the neighbourhood of the Bergen Bank northeast of Frigg, later in an area near Oseberg.
As a grand total 3.250 MT were reported. Size; from 170 - 182 g. The catches were sold to Nw buyers. The price level was in the range from NOK 3,76 to 4,10 with an average at NOK 3,96.

Also activity for the mackerel  was moderate last week  - and so far since the turn of the year. As an aggregated volume 12.000 MT have been registered during the first three weeks compared to 16.695 MT last year at the same time. Last week 5.940 MT were registered. Mainly it is foreign trawlers delivering, but also one Nw vessel is participating which has not been normal this early in the year.  This vessel got 530 MT by purse seine. The catching is performed some 50-70 n.m. north of the Hebrides, grid 4372-73-81.

Blue whiting and capelin in Icelandic waters
Two vessels are now heading for Iceland and the capelin season. The first vessel arrived in fact on Sunday in a field north of Iceland and we are told that this vessel is already in operation. Any volume or size is so far not known. What we previously have learned from Iceland this season is that mixed catches have had a size between 44-45 pcs/kg. Hopefully we will have better information in a day or two.

The first vessels are also heading for the blue whiting west of Ireland into international waters. On Sunday night this vessel had reached the Hebrides and was going steady west.

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