The course of the Fisheries as per week 4/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Close to 5.000 MT of capelin during the first week in Icelandic waters and steady for the Atlanto Scandic herring up north. Some vessels delivered North Sea herring, foreign vessels delivered mackerel, - while from the far west there is so far no reports of the blue whiting yet.

Capelin at Iceland
Eight vessels have reported their catches of capelin from Icelandic waters and all catches were sold in Iceland. As a total 25 vessels now are in operation, and if the weather keeps calm, more deliveries are expected. - So far the weather has been unstable.
Of the 5.000 MT some 1000 MT sere sold for reduction purposes, - the main part was sold for consumption purposes in Iceland. The price started at NOK 3,-  but fell a bit later on.

Almost 8.000 MT was delivered last week. One Nw vessel delivered 800 MT. The remaining part was delivered by 6 foreign vessels. So far this year close to 20.000 MT of mackerel are landed, compared to 33.000 MT as a total from January last year. 

Atlanto Scandic herring
Still a steady fishery going on up north for the Atlanto Scandic herring with catches from Træna islands in the south to Tromsø further north. The grand total of the week amounted to almost 16.000 MT. 500 MT were penned-in. The main part of herring is landed in ports nearby, but some vessels delivered their catches further south at Møre and as far as Skude in Rogaland.

Blue whiting
Three vessels have arrived at the fields far west following "Eros" being the first one to go for the blue whiting. So far, however, there is no reports of catchable observations.


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