The course of the Fisheries as per week 27/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Significantly reduced volumes last week. The matjes season is over and in the North Sea catching of herring for fileting is slowing down due to summer shut down. Just a few producers are in operation. Difficulties for the mackerel up north, but still good results when it comes to blue whiting in the Norwegian Sea, - and finally; no capelin seen in the Greenlandic zone.

North Sea herring
Last week just 6.900 MT of North Sea herring were caught. Of this volume 880 MT were delivered for matjes purposes - both in Norway and Denmark. The average price was NOK 6,06; NOK 5,65 in the lower end and NOK 7,28 at the highest.  The major part was taken at the Patch Bank  south of the Heimdal field, grid 0854. As a grand total 16.000 MT of matjes herring have been registered this season, - though not rightfully representing the volume produced. Herring sold for fileting has ended as matjes  - as well as herring sold for matjes purposes has later been fileted.
Following last week's production, the matjes season 2015 is now considered concluded, even if there is still some interest for more. The catching for better sized herring mainly to be fileted, is carried out further north, close to the Viking Bank and the Oseberg area. Of 6.000 MT, 4.000 MT came from Viking and the remaining part mainly from Patch. The average size was 218 g, and the price level from NOK 4,- to 6,20 with an average price at NOK 5,37.
In the forthcoming week and further on, less activity is expected. The plants are shutting down due to summer vacation and a great number of vessels have fulfilled their quotas in Nw waters.

The mackerel season up north has not been as was expected prior to the season. One reason is the weather conditions, but also fish forming huge concentration migrating far north is a reason. This fact and regulations executed have been hampering the activity, and last week just 2.200 MT were caught. The size is as has been usual, some 500 g, and the price level from NOK 7,75 to 8,15. For penned-in fish somewhat lower.
Further south close to 90 MT have been penned-in, some of it to be used as fresh catch.

Blue whiting
Close to 8.000 MT of blue whiting were caught last week. 6.500 MT were taken in the Norwegian Sea, the remaining part along the edge from the Egersund Bank and northwards to east of the Bergen Bank. Along the edge Norway pout has been caught as well; close to 1.900 MT. The Norway pout was mainly fished at the Egersund Bank. On Sunday night a couple of vessels were operating in the Norwegian Sea as far north as 65° N and it is reported to be good conditions.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week 240 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were taken in the Vestfjorden.

One Nw vessel accompanied by a Danish vessel has last week been looking for capelin in Greenland waters. So far without results.

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