The course of the Fisheries as per week 22/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A fantastic season for the sand eel goes towards an end, - still trawling at the edge - and higher activity for the North Sea herring, but so far no matjes quality observed.

Sand eel
11 vessels registered as much as 9.400 MT of sand eel last week. The main part was taken at the Inner Shoal where the catching in periods has been very good. In addition some catches are taken at the West Bank.The catches are sold for reduction purposes to buyers from Ålesund in north to Egersund in the south. Prices are stable in the range from NOK 2,- to 2,08. With a lower volume last week, there has not been too much waiting.
Since the very start on April 15th, there has been 1 ½ month with very good results. In periods the fishing has been so good that seen from a capacity point of view, it has been a challenge with waiting time before landing the catch. Of the total quota of 100.000 MT, just 3.500 MT now remain, - and just very few vessels have any quota left.

Blue whiting
Following fulfilled quotas of sand eel, the focus has moved from sand eel to blue whiting at the edge. 6 vessels have reported catches amounting to 3.600 MT. The catching has been performed along the edge at different depts from west off Egersund and further north to west off Bergen. Also the blue whiting has been sold for reduction purposes.
The prices have been in an area from NOK 1,72 - NOK 1,90 at the highest.
In addition to 12 vessels operating at the edge, one vessel is trying its luck in the Faroese zone where also Faroese and Islandic vessels are in operation.

North Sea herring
Following a higher number of vessels in operation, 8.300 MT were registered last week. The major part (7.300 MT) was taken just north of 60°N at the Bergen Bank and the Viking Bank. The herring has proven good for fileting and average size was 165-195 g.
Further south, still in the Nw zone close to Frigg and the Pact Bank, also some catches were taken. As expected the herring in this area is somewhat smaller sized; 150-160 g Further south, even smaller; 108 g. From this area this is unexpected small sized herring.
Due to low fat content and shape, so far there is just one catch partly recognized as keeping matjes standard. The catches are sold to filet production both in the north (Trøndelag) and further south in Skagen. Prices; from NOK 4,- to NOK 4,75.
In the forthcoming week, the start of the week is stormy and cold, and we are still waiting for better times with sun and warmer weather! Several vessels are keeping themselves ready!

Even if the summer still is absent and the weather more like winter, the mackerel catching has improved over the last weeks. As a total 185 MT were registered from smaller coastal vessels. Most in Rogaland county, but also further north in Hordaland and Sogn&Fjordane counties. The catches have been sold as fresh at NOK 15,- .

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