The course of the Fisheries as per week 23/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Some North Sea herring, but not the best conditions, - sand eel quota fulfilled, steady catching at the edge for blue whiting and the first catches of mackerel up north are taken.

North Sea herring
Neither last week was particularly good for the North Sea herring. The catches are mainly small and the matjes quality is absent, - in any case when it comes to volumes and so far this quality is "hit" in the EU zone only.
The total volume last week was 7.000 MT of which 985 MT were sold at the auction being displayed; 595 MT in Egersund and 390 MT in Skagen. The herring landed in Skagen had an average of 120 -127 g and was paid from NOK 4,09 to 7,30. The herring landed in Egersund was somewhat better sized with an average from 132-164 g. Prices; from NOK 5,21 to 6,25.  The matjes quality has mainly been caught NW of Frigg, grid 4254, but also some catches have been caught in grids 4243 and 4244. For those vessels aiming for herring to be fileted, and that is in fact the major number of vessels, the catching has been performed close to Oseberg, grid 2851-52 and 0855. One catch of 140 MT was taken in the EU zone. The size varies from 164 g (EU zone) to 211 g. The price for this herring was from NOK 4,- to 5,-  with an average price at NOK 4,37.

Sand eel
Last week 4.200 MT of sand eel were registered. Consequently the quota is now fulfilled for sand eel. A couple of vessels have still a modest quantity left. The price level for sand eel last week was from NOK 2,03 - 2,09.

Blue whiting
Last week close to 3.800 MT were registered. One of the catches was taken in the Faroese zone, grid 3108; 760 MT. The remaining part has been caught along the edge from the Egersund Bank to Viking. This raw material has been sold for reduction purposes in Norway and Denmark. Prices; from NOK 1,67 to 1,92. Some other species have been mixed in.

The very first catches of this season's mackerel up north were taken last week. The catches were taken in the Vestfjorden, grid 0004 and 0010. Accumulated volume was 140 MT  and the size of the catch varies from 7 to 80 MT. Average size of the mackerel; 480 - 500 g.
In southern areas some mackerel has been penned-in; - close to 80 MT. The major part has been sold as fresh catch.  The price level in northern areas; NOK 8,- while the fresh catch in south was sold at NOK 15,- .
There is still some mackerel penned-in with a portion of uncertainty whether being sold for fresh consumption or not, with an alternative possibility to be frozen. As the price for fresh mackerel is the best, the hope is of course to sell the mackerel for fresh consumption, but some of it is likely to be sold to alternative usage.
In the forthcoming week higher activity is expected in the northern areas where the catching will depend om favorable weather and at least to some extent "summerly" temperatures, - something being scares all over the country this late spring/early summer weeks.

Other species
270 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were registered last week, taken in the Vestfjorden - and sold for bate purposes.

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