The course of the Fisheries as per week 24/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Numerous vessels chasing the North Sea herring, but the herring is widespread. Good news by blue whiting being caught in the Norwegian Sea - and up north the mackerel fishing was hampered by bad weather. 

North Sea herring
A fairly great number of vessels have been operating for the North Sea herring last week, and as a grand total 15.500 MT were registered. This is this season's highest volume for one single week. However, considering the efforts, the result is not impressive. The herring is widespread and each haul fairly small.
The operations have been carried out in several areas, but most in waters adjacent to the Viking Bank. Here the herring has a size from 180-200 g and the herring has mainly been sold for fileting. Prices; close to NOK 4,50.
Further south in the Nw zone between Patch and Frigg, the size varies a lot and average weight has been from 122-185 g. From this area the herring has been utilized both for fileting and matjes production.
Also in the EU zone fishing has been performed in different areas. It is herring from these areas that has been best fit for matjes production, giving also the highest price; amounting to NOK 8,- at the auction in Egersund.
The matjes production both in Egersund and in Denmark is far behind what should be normal by mid-June. Low temperatures both in the air and in the sea bring along a quality which is not what the market wants. Hopefully the season may be extended into July to enable a level of production as required.
There has also been a few catches of herring in Skagerrak by a quality not suitable for consumption and thus sold for reduction purposes.
We foresee still high activity for the North Sea herring in the forthcoming week.

Blue whiting
Last week we got the good news from the vessel "Trønderbas" registering 700 MT of blue whiting from the Norwegian Sea. It is in fact ten years (2005) since Nw vessels last time caught blue whiting in this area. Following the good news, five more vessels headed for the blue whiting and the results were satisfactory; as much as 300 MT in a haul.
At the edge in the North Sea, a dozen of vessels are no in operation for the blue whiting. Totally 3.500 MT were registered from 9 vessels.  Also here the results are fairly good.

From the Egersund Bank 1.300 MT of Norway pout have been registered.
All these catches have been sold for reduction purposes from Denmark and further north towards Ålesund. The prices are in the range from NOK 1,67 -1,95.
Higher activity is expected with even higher volumes nest week.

Numerous coastal vessels have headed northwards for the mackerel. Totally these vessels have got 950 MT, mainly caught in outer part of the Vestfjorden. The challenge in these operations has been harsh weather; low temperatures and periodically strong winds.
The size of the mackerel: from 410 -510 g, and prices in a range from NOK 7,55 to 8,25.
In more southern waters, in the counties of Rogaland and Hordaland, the volume caught was 150 MT being penned-in by smaller vessels. This mackerel is mainly sold as fresh at a price near NOK 15,-.
When fishing mackerel it is decisive to have calm weather and warmth to get the mackerel come together.

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