The course of the Fisheries as per week 25/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

High activity for the North Sea herring last week, a good week also for the mackerel, - partly in new fields, and a good week for the blue whiting in the Norwegian Sea as well,-  more ordinary results reported from "the edge". 

North Sea herring
Again it has been a week with high activity for the North Sea herring, and herring with matjes quality has been fairly good priced, in fact the highest for many years, (in 2011 NOK 14,36). As grand total 16.500 MT were registered, - the highest volume for one single week this season. The major part has been sold for fileting (11.800 MT), whiles the remaining part, close to 4.700 MT, was registered as matjes herring; 3.000 MT to Egersund and 1.700 MT to Skagen. Apart from these matjes landings, buyers from Skagen to Trøndelag have received herring for fileting.
The catching areas have been as previously described; the Viking Bank for filet herring, and the EU zone for matjes. However this should be somewhat adjusted; some catches have been taken east of the Balder/Grane fields, and a few catches also further southwest, south of Grane in grids 0813-14 and 54. From this area herring has been caught both for matjes and fileting purposes. The size in this area has been from 142-190 g, while at Viking the herring has been sized from 195-215 g. The herring from the EU zone have an average from 143-190 g.
The price level last week has been going upwards;  -as mentioned, we have had the best price for years when it comes to matjes. Average price for filet; NOK 4,86 (NOK 4,- to 6,25) and matjes from NOK 4,91 to NOK 11,31 with an average at NOK 7,02.
As the matjes season had a slow/late start, there is still a hope for some catching, even if normally the matjes season is over when we approach the day of St John.

Finally we registered some higher activity for the mackerel up north last week; however, even if Wednesday was a good day for the mackerel, the catching over the week has been uneven.  One reason has been the winds, and even if weather improved, the results were not as expected. On the other hand we have had good results in the northern part of Troms County, not far from Fugløy and Vannøy islands. The total of last week amounted to 6.200 MT of mackerel, of which 1 MT was penned-in.  The prices differ from NOK 7,20 to 8,- depending on delivery and quality.
Also in the southern part of Norway mackerel has been penned-in, mainly to be sold as fresh. This is what is quite normal at this time of the year.
High activity is also expected in the week to come in Troms County. Very good observations of the mackerel have been reported.

Blue whiting/Norway pout
As a grand total 15.000 MT of blue whiting have been registered last week. The main part has been taken in the Norwegian Sea; some 10.800 MT. This is from the area 64° 40'N  to 65° 30'N and near 3 degrees further eastwards. On Sunday night five vessels were in operation and the fishing is good with calm weather.Also those vessels operating at the edge for the blue whiting and Norway pout had a fairly good week. 4.000 MT of blue whiting and 1.200 MT of Norway pout were registered. The fleet is operating at the edge from Egersund Bank and further north, as far north as grid 0814 (east of the Allé Bank).
He price level for meal&oil purpose has been stable at NOK 1,85-1,86. 

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