The course of the Fisheries as per week 26/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

In the north; this season's best week for mackerel, - an even week for the North Sea herring - and still catching of blue whiting in the Norwegian Sea. 

North Sea herring
A medium week for the North Sea herring amounting to 12.300 MT. The initial part of the week proved good with 4.000 MT on Monday. Then the winds from north took over and the results became more modest by mid-week. By the end of the week the catching again got better and we saw daily volumes of 2.000 MT during the weekend.
As previously this summer, the catching has been performed in different areas and the size of the herring varies accordingly. At the northernmost field close to the Viking Bank, the herring is sized from 200-220 g. Further south between the Alle Bank and Patch, the size varies significantly. Herring above 200 g has been observed in the northern part while further south we have seen catches with herring as low as 117 g.
In the EU zone there has been some activity by 59° N. The average size in this area is from 145-184 g. From this area the major part has been displayed in Egersund and Skagen meant for matjes.
The price of the best sized herring for fileting has increased over the week reaching NOK 5,30 at the peak. For matjes purposes; NOK 7,50 last week.
Most vessels have now finished their quotas and fewer vessels will take part in the forthcoming week. Matjes buyers still report their interest for the herring. If not the content of row/milt develops too quickly, production may go on also into the forthcoming week.

Periodically good catching, and last week came out as the very best this season with 7.000 MT registered up north.
The catching area has been moving northwards and operations have been performed over a wide area. The best catches have been taken far north, as far as close to Sørøya Island. Periodically good results also have been registered off Senja Island and in the south part; vessels have been operating into the Andsfjord.
The size varies from 410-510 g as an average. The price have been in the range of NOK 6,25-8,25 and for fish being penned-in; NOK 6,75 - 8,- .
The first vessels have already finished their quotas, but still high activity is expected. Hopefully weather and temperatures may improve a bit affecting the mackerel to get more together.

Blue whiting
As a grand total 8.300 MT of blue whiting were caught last week. The main activity has been in the Norwegian Sea where 7 vessels contributed with 7.700 MT. At the edge in the North Sea 5 vessels have got 600 MT of blue whiting and 1.400 MT of Norway pout. All catches have been sold for meal and oil purposes at prices from NOK 1,67-1,91.
There is still expected to be some activity both in The Norwegian Sea and the North Sea in the forthcoming week.

Capelin at Greenland
One vessels; "Åkerøy II" has set sail from Norway. From a Danish vessel already being in operation, it is told to be much ice in the area and no observations of capelin yet. 

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