The course of the fisheries as per week 11, 2015

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

40 000 tonnes blue whiting and just over 11 000 tonnes capelin from the Barents Sea was the catch of the week

Blue Whiting.

Bad weather also hampered fisheries this week  and the week's total catch amounted to 40 300 tonnes. 39 500 tonnes went for fishmeal and fish-oil and only 800 tonnes for consumption delivery.

The fishing has taken place in international waters , from north of 51 degree 30 minutes and further north. On Sunday night many vessels were gathered around 55 degree north.

The first vessels have entered EU-waters and report of good fisheries here. The story is not the same for international waters, most vessels are just looking for fish from 50 degree north and up towards Rockall.


It has also been a slow week for capelin fisheries in the Barents sea.  11 000 tonnes for the week and almost all is caught in the area around Fugløya / Lopphavet, in catch area 0402, 0403 and 0410.  Only a small quantity is caught in the area between Sørøya and Rolvsøy , in area 0413. We are seeing some cod in the catches and some areas are closed for purse seine fisheries. One vessel has been looking for capelin further east around Varanger and on the Russian border, but has registered no capelin there.

The capelin from the western areas has a average size of 58 per kilo and the roe-maturation is at 19-23% . The prices vary from NOK 2,10 to NOK 3,19 with a weekly average  of NOK 2,47.

Other species

80 tonnes of horse mackerel were penned in areas on the west coast in Fusa, Sveio, Vidafjord and Tysvær.  The catch amounts varied from 8 to 20 tonnes and the average size of the horse mackerel is 450 grams.

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