The course of the Fisheries as per week 12/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Lower activity for the blue whiting in international waters. In the Barents Sea we saw the best capelin week this season.

Blue whiting
With better weather conditions in the Atlantic, there was a hope for higher yields of blue whiting. This was however, not the case, and the total volume from week 12 came out with just 25.100 MT. Of this quantity 10.400 MT were caught in the EU zone, north of the Porcupine Bank. In international waters the activity has slowed down during the week.  - Long hauls and less catches being normal in second half of March.

As previously seen this winter, the main part, 24.200 MT, were sold for meal&oil purposes. The buyers are to be found both in Norway, Denmark, Ireland and Iceland. The prices were in the range from NOK 1,87 - 2,02. Two catches, 850 MT altogether, were sold for consumption purposes in Killybegs. The prices were in the range from NOK 2,05 - 2,10.

Following less blue whiting to be found west of the 200 n.m., an increasing number of vessels will concentrate on fishing in the EU zone during the forthcoming week.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
Stormy weather during the first part of the week hampered the catching of capelin in the Barents Sea. Still we got the best week this season amounting to 13.400 MT. Of this quantity 9.700 MT were sold for consumption purposes and 3.700 MT for reduction.

The activity has been performed in two different areas. One main area between the Lopphavet and Fugløybanken, in addition to an area northeast of Sørøya Island. The capelin in the western part was most suitable for consumption purposes, - actually to produce roe as the component of mature females with roe was about 50 %. Further east the catches consist of a higher percentage of male capelin and thus less suitable for consumption.

The prices for consumption purposes have varied from NOK 2,21 in the low end to close to NOK 3,50 in the higher. The week's average price was NOK 2,64. For reduction purposes the prices are from minimum price NOK 1,64 to 1,70 at the highest.

Still 23.100 MT remain of this year's quota - and another week with good conditions and availability is needed if the total quota shall be fulfilled prior to Easter.

Horse mackerel
Last week some vessels have been chasing the horse mackerel in fjords from Sogn to Rogaland County. Four vessels have reported 83 MT of horse mackerel by good size keeping an average of 450-500 g.

All catches were sold to Skude Fryseri at Karmøy Island to prices in the range from NOK 6,50 - 8,00. 

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