The course of the Fisheries as per week 9/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Just half the volume of blue whiting compared to the foregoing week, mainly due to harsh weather. Better conditions for capelin in the Barents Sea - whilst the Atlanto Scandic herring season has come to an end.

Blue whiting
Some 33.600 MT of blue whiting were the total volume last week. The significantly reduced volume compared to more than 60.000 MT the week before, is to be blamed the weather. The activity has been performed in international waters in grids from 49°N 30' and further north towards 52°N. By the end of the week the fleet was operating in the southern part of this area. Of the total volume registered, 32.500 MT were sold for meal&oil - and 2.000 MT for consumption purposes in Killybegs. The buyers of the raw material for meal&oil are both plants in Norway, Denmark and Killybegs. The price of raw material meant for meal&oil was NOK 1,94 in Norway and Killybegs while the plants in Denmark paid NOK 2,02/kg. For consumption purposes the average size was from 110 - 140 g and the price from NOK 2,10 - 2,40/kg.

Capelin in the Barents Sea
The grand total of capelin from the Barents Sea amounted to 8.555 MT. Early in the week the fishing took place just north of Nordkinn, grid 0317. On Wednesday there were observations at Lopphavet southwest of Sørøya Island and the fleet accordingly moved in this direction. It is mainly purse seiners having started fishing, and last week 15 purse seiners were in operation in addition to two trawlers. Altogether 18 vessels participated including one coastal vessel.

The capelin approaching the coastline of Finnmark County this season is so far of small size. Mixed catches; 55 - 63 pcs/kg, - the female part from 64 - 70 pcs/kg. The row percentage was by the end of the week 20 %. This is percentage is based on samples taken on board vessels at the fishing field. Even if observations are told to be good in an area from the Lopphavet and further west, it is still rather modest volumes to be seen so far.

Following the 20 % row maturation and further four weeks to go before Easter, we still hope that more capelin may appear. Coastal vessels still intending to get into operation, will have their opportunity until the 7th of March - by midnight.

In the forthcoming week we expect high activity in the Barents Sea.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week came out with only 575 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring. It is in an area off Hustadvika, grid 0719, and off Bremanger, grid 2804 where the four catches have been taken. Buyers in this district now report they do not want more Atlanto Scandic herring this season. Also from a buyer in Rogaland County further south, the same message is given concerning the season.  - Thus this winter's Atlanto Scandic herring season is concluded even if some scattered catches still may be reported.


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