The course of the Fisheries as per week 18/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still good results for the sand eel fishery and this season's record for one week. In the Faroese zone vessels are engaged in the blue whiting fishery - and the very first vessel has prepared for the North Sea herring. 

Blue whiting
Following a very good week no.17/15, last week came out more "normal" with 26.600 MT registered. The main reason is less vessels taking part. The main part of the volume last week; 19.700 MT, were taken in the Faroese zone. 1.720 MT were caught in the EU zone and in the Nw zone just 180 MT were registered. As normal by this time of the year, the blue whiting is more widely spread.
The catches have been sold over a fairly wide geographical area; to Icelandic plants northwest, Bodø in northern Norway and further south in Norway and beyond to Denmark. The prices have been in a range from NOK 1,75 -1,88.
Looking at the quota status, it tells us that from the total quota of close to 500.000 MT, 410.000 MT now have been caught.  This is quite impressing taking into account the stormy season we have behind us in the Atlantic. The Nw quota set in the EU zone is close to be fulfilled, - in the Faroese zone 18.000 MT remain out of the 80.000 MT's total quota.
Quota changes might occur.

Sand eel
This season's sand eel fishery has been very good considered that we just turned the month of May.  Last week was this season's best week; 18.600 MT registered. The activity has been performed at well-known fields for sand eel, mainly at the Outer Shoal and the bank with the somewhat extraordinary name of "Hardangervidda" (this name being originally the name of a high mountain plateau in southern Norway). The reporting says periodically good observations and under lucky circumstances a high volume can be taken in a fairly short time.
The catches are sold for reduction purposes at plants from Måløy in the north to Hanstholm/Skagen in Denmark. The prices have been between NOK 2 and 2,05. As very high volumes are being delivered, some waiting time has been the consequence. Due to stomach content in the fish, it is critical to keep the catch well cooled and that the raw material gets into production instantly upon delivery. Following the good initial face, more than 40.000 MT are now caught of the 100.000 MT's total quota. Last year at the same time we had registered just one single catch. Some vessels have already fulfilled their quota this year.
A high activity is still expected and normally May is the best month when it comes to sand eel. Last May the result was 73.400 MT of sand eel.

North Sea herring
No direct catches of North Sea herring for consumption purposes so far. The vessel "Frantsen Junior" normally being an early bird for the herring, arrived at the field on Sunday. The herring is observed, but easterly strong winds hampered the start. The forecast is not the best and hopefully weather will improve later this week.
Buyers are ready to receive herring to filet production now by early May. Later in May, it normally will be the season for Dutch matjes to dominate the activity, - provided the quality is approved! 

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