The course of the Fisheries as per week 19/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A relatively quiet week - quite convenient as the week also was scheduled for the annual meeting among pelagic fishermen (General Assembly) on Thursday and Friday. 

Blue whiting
8.100 MT were registered last week. When the volume is not higher, this has to do with just few vessels taking part - and not the best availability. It may take some time before the reaming volumes are taken. On Sunday six vessels were operating in the Faroese zone. The area with highest activity last week was grid 58-01,02 60° 15' N and east of 6° W. Two vessels were further north fishing together with the Faroese fleet, but the yield was much the same. In the Faroese zone 9.000 MT now remain.  The price level last week: NOK 1,72-1,77.

Sand eel
Neither for the sand eel was it optimal conditions. The catching has been varying a lot; one vessel can get a good haul, while the vessel next get very little. Also weather conditions were not exactly favorable. The week volume amounted to 16.345 MT registered, being divided between 27 catches from 45 to 1.100 MT. Close to everything was landed in Norway and the area for operations was grid 4174-75.
The price level has been steady at NOK 2,- apart from a few catches getting NOK 2,02 and 2,05. As from midnight Sunday the price increased to 2,0573 as the fat content is estimated to be 7 % higher by now.

North Sea herring
As we told last week, the first vessel already a week ago was in position for the North Sea herring. Bad weather forced however, the vessel back to shore, but on Friday operations were resumed. The vessel has been searching in a wide area from the Ling Bank and further north to Oseberg, - with no significant observations. The size observed has been from 130 -160 g and the herring is widely spread in small "portions". On Monday the vessel will land 80-90 MT taken by Oseberg. By the end of the week one additional vessel joined in.
Apart from what is mentioned above, some North Sea herring has been mixed into sand eel catches, - as much as 20 MT at the highest.

Coastal mackerel
Also last week some mackerel was penned -in (17 MT) at the southwest coast. And as catches are increasing, the price is decreasing; NOK 21,10 at the highest and 15,51 in the low end. - This is expected as more fish is available in the markets.

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