The course of the Fisheries as per week 20/2015

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

The opening of the Inner Shoal-areas gave us a new one-week record for the sandeel fishery. Tha main season is now over for blue whiting.



The new record for sandeel is 20 500 tonnes. Saturday was the best overall day with 9 300 tonnes caught. Last Friday we saw the general opening of the areas 1b ( Inner Shoal) and 4a ( English Klondyke) After some positive registrations at Inner shoal most of the vessels headed that way and they all experienced good fishing.

The catches go to fishmeal and fishoil production from Måløy in the north to Skagen in the south. The prices have stabilized in the area of NOK 2,00 - 2.20. With so much fish being landed, waiting for off-loading has taken three days in some cases.

Based om the sciences survey that ended before this weekend we got the message that quotas will not be increased. However, the Fishery Directorate in Norway increased the percentage each vessel can catch of the total quota. That meant fully structured vessels can take 150 tonnes extra. Of the total quota of 100 000 tonnes, 77 000 tonnes are landed. an overview shows that around 10 vessels have taken their quotas. For that reason we are looking at a slower-paced fishery the coming weeks.

Blue whiting:

The main season is now over and we had 7 000 tonnes landed last week. 5 vessels came from the Faroe Island zone with 6 200 tonnes, while 2 vessels had 800 tonnes from Norwegian zone.

The blue whiting is also landed for fishmeal and fishoil. Prices range from NOK 1,72 to 1,90 as the highest.

The remainder of the blue whiting fishery will most likely take place in the Norwegian zone. Later in the year some vessels will try fishing in the Norwegian Sea, however, there has been no fihing for blue whiting there in the last few years.

North Sea Herring:

"Frantsen Junior" had the honor of being the firts vessel with a large catch of North Sea herring, netting 85 tonnes just north of the 60 degree latitude. A few more vessels are now out looking for North Sea herring. All vessels have registred herring but in smaller quantities and spread all over the sea. The low temperatures we have had so far this year could have had an effect. With warmer weather the herring will most likely get together in bigger schools.



On the coast from Rogaland to Sogn many smaller vessels have looked for mackerel. A slow start has netted us 35 tonnes penned-in mackerel, most of them have been sold to be used fresh at prices around NOK 15 per kilo. The mackerel fishery in the south where they are using nets are also showing some catches.

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