The course of the Fisheries as per week 21/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Still some blue whiting from the edge - and the Faroese zone, less activity in sand eel fisheries. Fishing of North Sea herring has started and increasing catches of coastal mackerel.

Blue whiting
Last week close to 1.400 MT of blue whiting was registered. Four catches from the edge, and one from the Faroese zone. The catch from the Faroese zone amounted to 660 MT. The remaining quota in the Faroese zone is 2.400 MT while the total remaining quota is 70.000 MT. The blue whiting was paid from NOK 1,72 - NOK 1,88 last week.  In the forthcoming week some activity is still expected, but limited to the edge. Of other industrial species, 500 MT were caught, mainly Norway pout mixed in with the blue whiting.

Sand eel
Following several weeks with good results for the sand eel, last week came out with less activity, and the weekly quantity was 10.800 MT. One reason is that vessels now are fulfilling their quotas. During the weekend it was reported to be a good fishing at the West Bank and approx. ten vessels were operating at the field. By the beginning of the week, there was some waiting time by the plants situated nearby the field, - as much as 96 hrs. at the most. However, after several days of less catching, the waiting time now is at a minimum in Norway. There is still a remaining quota of 13.000 MT of sand eel.

North Sea herring
Following the very first catch of North Sea herring more than a week ago, it has been quiet until Tuesday last week. During the days to follow, 5 catches were registered amounting to 1.185 MT. The first catches were taken at Oseberg, while catching during the Pentecost, was performed further south, east of Frigg. The size is from both areas much the same; from 145 - 166 g. - somewhat more variation in the southern part. The herring is sold in Norway at NOK 4,- /kg. Buyers tell us that the quality is good and the fat content is at 15 %. However, catching should not go on over more days as the quality then is difficult to retain. In the forthcoming week, the activity is expected to increase, and hopefully also herring of matjes quality may be found. Norges Sildesalgslag is at any rate prepared in Egersund for the matjes season as from Monday.

Some 75 MT were penned-in last week. The catching has been carried out from Askvoll community (Sogn) to Strand (Rogaland) further south. The catches are sold as fresh catch from NOK 15,- to 16,- /kg. The size is varying from 350 - 520 g and the catches themselves vary from 0,5 to 8 MT.

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