Seasonal weather has dominated fisheries

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Harsh weather has the last couple of days led to less successful fishing compared to last week's results - and the week before. But weather is expected to improve.

The forecast is promising and vessels are prepared for the Atlanto Scandic herring in the Norwegian Sea as well as closer to shore up north, tells Kenneth Garvik, sales manager by Norges Sildelsalgslag.
The fishing for penning-in herring has not yet started as the herring so far has not migrated into the areas in quantities suitable for this type of catching.

In the North Sea some vessels are operating for North Sea herring and mackerel.
Two vessels are also chasing the horse mackerel and are hoping the new moon next night to give a positive effect.

After having finished fisheries for herring and mackerel, several trawlers now are operating for Norway pout at "Fladen".  

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