The course of Fisheries as per week 44/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This year's best week when it comes to fishing for consumption purposes. 

Another week with volumes as high as was registered also the foregoing week; grand total 24.200 MT. Of this quantity 20.100 MT were landed by Scottish and Danish trawlers.
The entire volume was caught in the EU zone. Norwegian and Danish vessels have mainly been operating east of the Orkneys, while other foreign vessels were operating west of Shetland. As seen over the last couple of years, the mackerel is concentrated in huge quantities inside the 12 miles zone, and catching is performed close to shore.
As normal late autumn, there is more of smaller fish in the catches. Average size has been varying from 287 g in the low end, to 420 g in the high. Total average; 386 g.
Except for one purse seiner having all her quota left, we expect modest volumes from Nw vessels in weeks to come. From foreign vessels there will most likely be more landings.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Catching of Atlanto Scandic herring had its best week so far totaling 21.000 MT. The major part; 19.100 MT were caught in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea, 150-180 n.m. northwest of Møre. Three Irish vessels have reported 1.200 MT taken in the "Loop Sea" at the same latitude as the Nw vessels were catching.
The catching inside the fjords of Troms county has now started. The vessel "Solværskjær" got the very first catch on Thursday with 240 MT. This is a few days earlier compared to last year when the first catch were registered on the 2nd of November.
The herring in the Norwegian Sea has periodically been difficult to catch, but when more "cooperative" the results have been good with close to 1.000 MT. From the northern fjords it is promising observations of herring and hopefully more herring will join in time to come. - During the weekend, the weather has been harsh.
Herring taken in open sea is good sized; 340-384 g with an average at 366 g.
Following the low quota given for Nw fishermen (172.219 MT), the demand for herring is good and so are the auction prices seen from a fisherman's point of view. To improve having correct minimum prices, a new model for setting "dynamic" minimum prices was launched on Monday the 2nd of November.
Including the flex part, 68.000 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring remain.  In the forthcoming week we expect more activity up north and less in open sea.

North Sea herring
When it comes to North Sea herring, we have to go back to last summer's best week to match last week's volume from the North Sea. Last week 13.000 MT were reported from 27 different vessels. Except for two catches, everything was caught in the EU zone. The operations have been carried out in more southern areas compared to late weeks, mainly some 90 n.m. east of Peterhead. The catching has been good.
The size of the herring has been in the range from 182-236 g. This is a suitable size for herring to be fileted. 25 % of the quota of 133.868 MT still remains.
Summing up the volumes of mackerel, Atlanto Scandic herring and North Sea herring, gives a total of 58.200 MT sold for consumption purposes last week. This makes it the best week volume-vice this year and initiates high activity from Skagen in Denmark to Senja island in northern Norway.

Blue whiting/Norway pout/ ocean sprat
Of combined catches of blue whiting and Norway pout, 1.500 MT were reported last week. The main part was caught at the "edge". As by-catch 330 MT of horse mackerel was included.
A Danish trawler reported 300 MT of ocean sprat and 400 MT of anchovy in the southern part of the North Sea.

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