The course of Fisheries as per week 47/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Fairly good for the Atlanto Scandic herring, but limited volumes - mainly smaller vessels taking part. Some North Sea herring, - activities hampered by weather last part of the week. Still some mackerel from foreign vessels, - and closing for further catching of Norway pout in the EU zone. 

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week 12.300 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring were registered, significantly less than the week before. Mainly smaller costal vessels were taking part - some of them with just modest quotas.
From open sea operations 2.700 MT were registered. 900 MT from the Norwegian Sea; 66-67° N and 3-5°E and 1.700 MT caught at fields in Troms County.  Among these vessels there is just one with some quota left. The coastal fleet had good results in northern Troms, from the Kaldfjord and further north to Karlsøy Island. Reports are telling that so far there is not much herring observed inside the Kaldfjord, but further north. The size is stable; 350-370 g as an average, the same as herring being caught in the Norwegian Sea.
In the forthcoming week high activity is expected, but as we saw last week, mainly by smaller vessels.  The market is good and deliveries are as a main rule made in Troms.

North Sea herring
Last week close to 5.900 MT were registered. The size varies from 150 to 205 g, and operations were carried out both in the EU- and the Norwegian zone; 2.500 MT taken in the EU zone and 3.500 MT in the Noregian. The grids were; 42-33/34 and 08-53.
All catches were landed in Norway.  By the end of the week the operations were hampered by weather, but during the weekend the operations were resumed.  On Friday the admittance in the EU zone was increased to 60.000 MT.

Last week some 9.500 MT were registered. Of this quantity Nw vessels caught 2.100 MT and foreign vessels 7.400 MT. The catching has been performed in different grids southwest of Shetland and east of the Orkneys.  The size varies from 312 to 405 g There is just a few Norwegian vessels with still some quota left.

Industrial species
Some 3.400 MT were landed last week, the major part being Norway pout from the EU zone. On Friday this catching was stopped and some vessels then moved east to the edge to continue their activity.

Horse mackerel
5 - 6 vessels have been chasing the horse mackerel, but with no success. The fleet reports so far no "catchable" conditions. 

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