The course of Fisheries as per week 40/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Records of mackerel observed in the Norwegian Sea. 

Even if the vessels some days were hampered by strong winds, there was registered a weekly volume of 49.000 MT. The main part of this volume was taken during three days; 13.000 MT on Monday, 11.000 MT on Tuesday, and as much as 15.400 MT on Sunday. This came out as the very best "mackerel day" this season and 47 vessels contributed.
This extraordinary fishing is contradictory to the scientists' advice of reducing quotas in the year to come. From the catching areas it is reported huge quantities where the challenge in fact is to find suitable "spots" to launch the seine! Some vessels have been sailing all day unable to make a catch for this reason.
The catching has been performed in the same areas as previously this season; in southern part of the Norwegian Sea, some 160 n.m. northwest of Møre. There has never before been observed catching this late in the autumn in this area. Normally the catching is being performed in the North Sea between Shetland and Norway this time of the year.

The size varied from 365 g in the low end to 450 g in the higher. The week gave as an average; 402 g.
Even if we observed big daily volumes last week, the sales are good and buyers along the coast from Egersund in the south to the island of Værøy in the north produced premium mackerel to selective customers worldwide. The buyers have to be honored for working 24 hrs. producing more 170.000 MT in less than one month.
High volumes being caught, leads to reduction for what is left on this year's quota. Of the total quota of 250.631 MT (incl. the flex. part), just 63.000 MT remain. If we assume that the vessels take their flex. quota at the same level as last year, some 50.000 MT will be caught by Nw vessels in the period to come.

North Sea herring
In addition to some penned-in catches and some by-catches when trawling, three vessels have caught 590 MT of herring in the Skagerrak. These catches were sold for meal and oil purposes in Denmark and Norway.
Of the "Skagerrak quota" some 300 MT still remain.

Blue whiting, Norway pout and ocean spat
Along the edge of the Egersund Bank and further north, some 2.200 MT of Norway pout, 750 MT of blue whiting and 190 MT of horse mackerel have been caught.
From one Swedish and one Danish vessel 1.900 MT of ocean sprat were registered in the southern part of the North Sea. Again the catches were sold for meal/oil purposes in Norway and Denmark.

Coastal sprat
In the Sogne Fjord there was registered just 35 MT of coastal sprat (for canning) last week. Further south, in the Hardanger Fjord, the activity was fairly low.

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