The course of Fisheries as per week 41/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Last week this season's first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring was landed, while the mackerel activity is slowing down and the fish is moving on. Still modest catches when it comes to coastal sprat, even if new areas have been opened - and also modest volumes of North Sea herring. - The industrial catching is fairly stable, mostly giving Norway pout. 

As expected; the mackerel volume was significantly reduced last week. This of course is based on the fact that several vessels now have finished their quotas, but also due to weather conditions last week. In addition, the fish has moved. Over the last days the catching mainly was performed off the Møre coast. As a total, 30.000 MT were registered, - foreign vessels with 2.485 MT.
Following that catching over a period now has been performed close to the 64°N, 1°E, the fish has now left this area and the vessels have been operating more close to the Nw coast, off Møre. The first catches were taken on Thursday, 60 n.m. west of Smøla island and this fish was better sized compared to the fish being caught further off. Later the catching moved south, and on Sunday the catching was done close to Stadt.
In addition, two catches have been reported from the Statfjord area. The size has been varying somewhat as on Monday the average was 387 g in open sea, while the following day the average was 371 g from the same area. The average for fish being caught closer to shore; 384 g. The weekly average; 346 g in the lower end, and 466 g in the higher.
Also last week some additional catches (penned-in) were taken in Bømlo community district (Hordaland county). As a total 80 MT were caught and the size was 284 g as an average.

Atlanto Scandic herring
This season's first catches of Atlanto Scandic herring were taken in open sea last week. The vessel "Gerda Marie" got 1.170 MT in an area just south of 64,5°N, 1°E well into the Nw zone. The average of the herring; 345 g. Good observations of herring is reported from this area and the herring is said to be moving rapidly northeast. There has also been a Russian freezing trawler delivering 310 MT. This herring was caught in the Svalbard zone and the size of the herring was reported to be 300 g+.

Coastal sprat
Following some new areas being opened, some catching was made in Stryn, (Nordfjord area). The size is somewhat better than previously seen; 72 -82 pcs/kg. However, no great volumes, and the total was just 75 MT. In addition a small catch was taken in Sogn and another small catch in the Lysefjord, Rogaland county.

North Sea herring
Just 100 MT of North Sea herring was reported last week of which 30 MT were penned-in. Over the last couple of days three vessels have been looking for the herring in the EU zone and some herring has been observed,  - but no conditions for catching as the fish stays close to the bottom. On the other hand it is reported of good conditions for some foreign trawlers. One vessel has been operating in Skagerrak, but with no results so far.

Industrial species
Of industrial species, close to 3.500 MT were landed last week. Of this quantity 2.330 MT were Norway pout, 170 MT were taken at the edge, the remaining part at "Fladen Ground" with also 170 MT of other species. In addition 1.000 MT of ocean sprat were delivered by a foreign vessel.

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