The course of Fisheries as per week 42/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Herring being caught in the Norwegian Sea, the mackerel has moved into the North Sea - with records for trailing liners during the weekend. 

Compared to the results over the last couple of weeks, last week's result was rather modest with 15.500 MT. Of this volume, eight foreign vessels were represented with 5.600 MT.
By the beginning of the week the activity was concentrated in an area west of Bremanger and further southwest towards Statfjord. Later in the week the catching was performed both east of Shetland and into the Nw zone north of 60°N. Of last week's quantity, 9.300 MT were taken in EU waters. Nw vessels caught 4.300 MT in this zone. The good news was that several trailing liners had very good results in an area west of Oseberg. It is reported of mackerel eagerly "biting", giving this season's best catching - and even in beautiful autumn weather in the North Sea.
The size of the mackerel was in the range from 338 g in the low end to 410 g at the highest. The average was as we also saw in the foregoing week; 337 g.
When it comes to Nw vessels, it is just a few vessels which still have quota left. Of the total quota of 250.631 MT, just some 24.000 MT remain (incl. flex). It is mainly a few trawlers still having some remaining quota.
Following the mackerel being available in the EU zone, we expect foreign vessels to land more mackerel in Norway in time to come.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Following "Gerda Marie" observing huge quantities of herring in the southern part of the Norwegian Sea last week, several vessels hence have been in activity. As a total 12 vessels got catches, and the accumulated volume last week was 10.300 MT.
As we have seen initially, the main part has been taken north of 64°N close the 0°. This is by the way in the same area as we registered records of mackerel two weeks ago. In addition "Birkeland" struck herring just 100 n.m. further northeast. The observations have from time to time been good, and we recognize the "catching pattern" from the last couple of years.
The size of the herring was in the range from 345 to 369 g. The catches were sold to buyers from Lødingen in the north to Florø in the south. The demand - and prices, are fairly good and the buyers report shortage of certain herring products.
In the forthcoming week it is still expected to be a high activity. - The uncertainty is however, linked to the possible effect of an extensive low pressure being forecasted into the Norwegian Sea.

North Sea herring
From the North Sea close to 2.000 MT were registered last week. All catches, apart from one, were taken by trawlers. Over the last period the herring has been concentrated close to sea bed in an extended area making it difficult to get by net.
The main activity is performed in the EU zone near by the well-known bank of "Fladen". The size of the herring is in the range from 172-205 g. The catches were sold to buyers from Egersund in the south part to Uthaug further north.  The demand for North Sea herring is as it is for the Atlanto Scandic herring, good.
Of this year's quota of close to 134.000 MT a little more than 48.000 MT still remain. Hopefully the herring in time ahead will be easier to get.

Blue whiting/Norway pout/ Ocean sprat
2.400 MT of Norway pout were registered last week. The main part was caught in the EU zone at "Fladen".
When it comes to blue whiting, 460 MT were caught, mainly along the borderline to the Nw zone. From this area also 200 MT of horse mackerel were registered as by-catch.
As horse mackerel is being registered as by-catch, the outlook for better catching of horse mackerel increases for those vessels chasing this unpredictable fish. However, new moon recently did not have any effect.
From a Danish trawler 700 MT of sprat have been reported from the southern part of the North Sea.

Coastal sprat
From the Nordfjord and the Sognefjord 52 MT of coastal sprat were registered for canning purposes.

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