The course of Fisheries as per week 37/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good start for the mackerel, but moderate results for the horse mackerel despite the efforts. 

Last week the mackerel fishing started for the bigger vessels and close to 20.000 MT were registered. The first catches were taken on Tuesday and Wednesday and the fishing was mainly performed east of the southern point of the "Banana Hole" (Smutthavet) inside the Nw zone; grid 3013-14 and -09 further south. In addition a catch was also taken further north; grid 3405.
Even further northwest in the Banana Hole, there was some activity by Russian vessels. What they are fishing is not known. Sunday afternoon the vessels observed fish closer to shore, 40 n.m. NW of "Storegga" and some 100 n.m. SE of the fields where previously there was catching. The fish was of good quality and with little stomach content.
As a total 13.700 MT were taken by the purse seiners and coastal vessels got 6.000 MT. From smaller vessels closer to shore, 300 MT were reported.

The size from open sea is 396 g as average, varying from 360 to 438 g delivered to buyers from Værøy island up north to Egersund in the south. Prices; from NOK 7,40 - 9,66 per kilo.
The fish caught close to shore is of more modest size and some of it even below 200 g. It has been a limited market for this size and one buyer said he was not interested in more of the kind. Also last week the liners have struggled to get mackerel and just a few catches were above 10 MT when registered.  The liners report of an average size of 250-300 g.
In the forthcoming week higher activity is expected for the bigger vessels, but hopefully some vessels still will wait a bit avoiding everyone to take part at the same time.

Horse mackerel
Last week some 2.200 MT of horse mackerel were taken, - just 50 % of the volume registered the previous week. By the beginning of the week several vessels were in operation, however, the efforts did not correspond to the yield.  The best catch was 100 MT, while the smallest just 5 MT. 28 purse seiners and bigger coastal vessels participated and the catching has mainly taken place along the edge of grids 08-11, 13 and 14. The fish was last week delivered from Austevoll to Egersund and the average price; NOK 5,92 per kilo.
Also the industrial part of the fleet got some horse mackerel,  - 450 MT of the above mentioned total volume of 2.200 MT.
In the forthcoming week less activity is expected, but hopefully some vessels do continue their chase for the horse mackerel. On Sunday 5-6 vessels were in operation.

North Sea herring
Just two vessels landed North Sea herring last week, both being foreigners having contracts with Nw buyers. Their total volume amounted to 1.875 MT and the herring was caught in grids 42-30 and 42-41, northeast of the Orkneys, - and in grid 43-66 further southeast.

Industrial fishing
The trawlers landed last week 1.900 MT of Norway pout and 1.000 MT of blue whiting in addition to what was mentioned above on horse mackerel. Also a few tons of silvery pout and silver smelt were reported. 350 MT of the blue whiting were taken in the Nw Sea, grid 3702, the remaining part along "the edge". The catches were delivered for reduction purposes in Norway and Denmark and mainly caught combined with white fish.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Close to 400 MT of  Atlanto Scandic herring were taken last week. In northern Norway some 300 MT of which 200 MT were used as bate and 100 MT were frozen. The average size was 320 g and the herring was caught in West Lofoten, grid 00-10. Further south (grid 0731) three catches were taken of which two amounting to 100 MT were sold for reduction purposes. The third one was a minor volume being penned-in.

Coastal sprat
Last week the vessel "Våghav" was test fishing for sprat in outer Sogn county. Sprat was then observed with fat content allowing fishing to start. On Saturday at 6 hrs p.m. the fishing was opened but so far no catches are reported.


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