The course of Fisheries as per week 39/2015

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Another good week for the mackerel fishing - and the fishing of coastal sprat has started, - also some North Sea herring last week and some industrial species, mostly Norway pout.

Some 40.000 MT were last week registered. Of this 33.000 MT came from the purse seiners - and 280 MT from a foreign vessel. The variation over the week has been significant from 14.400 MT on Monday to just 600 MT on Saturday. The remaining quota is by now 110.000 MT incl. the flexible part. In open sea the operations have mainly been carried out in grids 30-04, 08, 09 and 13. - Some single results also from grid 07-14 and grid 28-52. The average size last week was 403 g.
In northern Norway the coastal fleet have got three catches off Senja island where the size was from 475 -502 g. On Saturday there were just two catches even if the fleet was covering large areas. On Sunday afternoon there again were some catches, now as far north as 63°N 45' crossing the 0-meridian. Later on Sunday the vessels were chasing also into the EU zone towards "Tampen", but with just smaller results.

Coastal sprat
Last Sunday more areas were opened for sprat catching, and on Monday 85 MT were registered from the community of Kvam in Hordaland County. The sprat was rather small, just 133 to 144 pcs/kg as an average. Later most of the small sprat was released and just 35 MT are still penned-in.
In the communities of Vik and Balestrand (Sogn County) 150 MT of sprat were penned-in. The fish is somewhat better sized; 87 -132 pcs/kg. King Oscar (canning) will start collecting the catches on Monday. The fishermen report of not favorable conditions as the fish is not attracted by light.

Industrial species
From industrial fishing operations 5.700 MT were reported last week, - consisting of different species. Most Norway pout was found; 2.965 MT, - 990 MT of blue whiting, - one foreign vessel reported of 960 MT ocean sprat, - some 500 MT of horse mackerel and some 100 MT of North Sea herring and silver smelt. Some 1.500 MT of the Norway pout were taken at Fladen, grid 4223, and the remaining part along the "edge". The fish has been delivered both in Karmsund, Egersund and in Hanstholm (Denmark).

North Sea herring
Of North Sea herring some 330 MT were caught, of which 180 MT were sold for consumption purposes. Some of the catching was performed in the outer Oslo Fjord and landed in Sweden and Denmark. Some catches were also taken at the western coast of Norway.

Horse mackerel
During the weekend there was some tension to whether the horse mackerel again would appear.  Some vessels were in operation, but so far no "catchable" registrations are reported.

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