The course of Fisheries as per week 14/2016

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Also during last week the blue whiting was dominating both when it comes to volume and number of catches. 

Blue whiting
25 catches amounting to 27.250 MT was the result of last week's operations in line with what we have seen the two previous weeks. The catching is still mainly finding place west of St. Kilda along the edge 80 - 90 n.m. from the southernmost to the northernmost area where fishing is performed.
Just a few of the blue whiting trawlers have still some quota left, while pelagic and industrial trawlers are still having more quotas left.
Three vessels have been catching in an area close to "the edge" in the North Sea bringing about 200 MT of blue whiting combined with some catches of white fish. - In addition some other industrial species as 350 MT of Norway pout and 80 MT being a mix of horse mackerel, Norwegian silver herring and silver smelt (argentine) have been registered.

Other species
Four smaller penned-in catches of mackerel amounting to 6 MT were reported last week. The size was about 350 g and the fish was sold to the fresh fish markets.
Five catches of penned-in horse mackerel amounting 120 MT were also registered. The size of the fish; 450 g.

Apart from this; a quiet period for Norwegian pelagic catching.

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