The course of Fisheries as per week 15/2016

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

This season's first catch of sandeel. 

Blue whiting
As foreseen, we got a week with modest volumes; just 13.500 MT being the grand total of last week. Of this volume, one Faroese vessel, "Fagraberg", represented 3.000 MT alone.
Catching has mainly been performed in the EU zone west of St. Kilda. Two catches were taken in the Faroese zone, and two smaller catches were taken at the edge being mixed with Norway pout and other species. The reason behind a modest volume is that most vessels now have fulfilled their quotas.
The catches last week were sold to Norwegian and one Danish buyer by for reduction purposes. The prices were stable compared to the forgoing week.
In the forthcoming week even more modest volumes are expected.

The season for fishing sandeel opened on the 15th of April (Friday), and by Saturday night the first catch was reported from "Sille Marie"; 400 MT. The catch was taken during two days at the sandeel bank called "Snurraren" west the West Bank. Quite good observations are made and the size of the fish is also good. The best haul of "Sille Marie" was 120 MT during one hour or so. The tension is now linked to what fat content the fish may have. The buyer will shortly make an analysis of the catch. Having such a positive start of the season, several other vessels are expected to join in for the sandeel. By Sunday night two other vessels, "Vikingbank" and "Østanger" headed for the area.

Catching at the coast
Along the coast the activity by smaller coastal vessels has been low. One catch of 20 MT of horse mackerel was reported from Rogaland County and two penned-in catches near Bømlo; 6 MT of herring and 1 MT of mackerel. That was it.
To improve costal catching we have to hope for sunnier and warmer weather to stimulate feed growing in the sea.


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