The course of Fisheries as per week 16/2016 (1)

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Sandeel fisheries with a good start - while blue whiting west of the Hebrides is most likely over. 

Saturday one week ago, we had the first catch of sandeel kicking off this season.
Hitherto the number of catches has not been numerous, but 12 vessels are now in position in the field of Vestbanken and Inner Shoal. So far this week 3.900 MT have been registered and sold to buyers in Norway and Denmark.
The fishing has been varying daily - and from vessel to vessel, partly due to weather conditions. On Saturday and Sunday the conditions were reported to be good.
Results from the first catch being analysed prove a higher fat percentage than what is the average for week 15 and 16.
In the forthcoming week we expected additional vessels to join in.

Blue whiting
3.250 MT of blue whiting were reported last week, altogether six catches of which four had their origin in EU waters west of the Hebrides while two came from the "edge" in the North Sea. The volume from the "edge" was just close to 100 MT also being mixed with 175 MT of Norway pout and some other species.
From the activities in EU waters further catches are not expected.

Other fisheries
Two penned-in catches amounting to 30 MT of horse mackerel are set in southern Hordaland County and delivered to be freezed. Another catch being penned-in was 1 MT of mackerel, taken in the southwestern part of Sogn. This catch was the total being caught of mackerel last week ready for the fresh fish market.

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