The course of Fisheries as per week 48/2016

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

The quota status is approaching the 2016 limit for most species, - thus there is less activity now towards the end of the year, but still some registrations are made.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Another week with modest volumes; - altogether 5.200 MT of Atlanto Scandic herring registered. Mainly the herring was taken by the coastal fleet and the operations were carried out up north in the Troms fjords. Two purse seiners have been in operation delivering 1.100 MT, one taken the catch in the Norwegian Sea, 140 n.m. west off Vesterålen. The size is somewhat smaller than herring caught closer to shore; 311 and 326 g. In the Troms fjords the average size was 364 g. - Further south, in the northern part of Trøndelag County the size was even smaller; between 200 and 230 g.
In the forthcoming week there probably will be still some activity in the Troms fjords, - and maybe to some extent in Trøndelag as well.

North Sea herring
1.830 MT of North Sea herring were registered last week. Some 1.800 MT were taken by high sea vessels in the EU zone southeast of Sumburgh Head, grid 42-42, and also a smaller volume in the area of Bressay Ground, grid 42-53.
The size varied from 157 - 170 g, and the herring was sold to both Danish and Norwegian buyers. Still there are some vessels having quota left, however for most vessels there is nothing left to catch in EU waters. Hopefully some herring might migrate across the border line in days to come, ensuring quotas to be caught.
Along the coast some catches have been penned-in. The average size was 320 g.
In addition a few metric tons were registered as bycatch in the Oslo Fjord.

Coastal sprat
80 MT of big sized sprat were registered last week. - Again fishing was performed in the Oslo Fjord, grid 0920. - The size was 43-44 pcs/kg and the sprat was sold to a buyer in Sweden.

Industrial species
Close to 500 MT concluded the volume of species meant for indirect consumption. 330 MT was Norway pout, mainly caught in EU waters and 140 MT of blue whiting. 15 MT of horse mackerel and 10 MT of silver smelt were taken on Norwegian waters

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