The course of Fisheries as per week 50/2016

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

Christmas piece is soon upon us, but not quite yet. Some herring fishermen up north - and processors, are still in operation. 


Atlanto Scandic herring
Still there is some activity for the Atlanto Scandic herring, as some coastal vessels are staying at the fields. Also some of the processors are still receiving catches. The grand total of last week amounted to 1.900 MT.
This week there might be some activity on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday will be the last day of production before Christmas and vessels will be heading home.

North Sea herring
Some vessels were in operation last week securing their last quotas of North Sea herring. Those still having something left in the EU zone got herring with a fair size, while what was caught in Norwegian waters was mostly smaller. As a grand total 2.000 MT were registered of which some 50 % came from the EU side of the border line. The size varied from 151-183 g and the catches were taken in the area Forty mile Ground/Bressay Ground. The herring caught in Nw waters was sized from 112-122 g and was caught in grid 4214, east of Fladen. By these catches we consider the North Sea herring season 2016 as finished. The catching in EU waters ceased on Thursday last week.

Last week there was one catch of mackerel made by a Nw vessel. "Åkerøy" got 1.280 MT taken in EU waters just north of the Orkneys. The catch was divided; some with an average at 342 g and some at 364 g.

Horse mackerel
One industrial trawler delivered 300 MT of horse mackerel in the vicinity of Ålesund last week. The mackerel had an average weight of 315 g and was caught northwest of the Hebrides, grid 4363.

Indirect consumption
Another industrial trawler has been operating at the "edge". The accumulated volume reached 225 MT consisting of blue whiting, silver smelt, horse mackerel and some other species.

Coastal sprat
A small catch; 6 MT of good sized sprat was taken off Sarpsborg. The catch also contained 6 MT of North Sea herring and was sold to a Swedish buyer.

Finally Norges Sildelsalgslag (Norwegian Fishermen's Sales Organization of Pelagic Fish) wants to wish everyone reading this news bulletin a very  Merry Christmas!

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