The course of Fisheries as per week 4/2016

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

We've had the first catches of capelin close to Iceland. Reduced fishery for Atlanto Scandic herring and only two mackerel catches for the week.

Altanto Scandic Herring

This week saw a large reduction in the activity in this fishery. Only 12 000 tonnes were reported caught against 31 000 tonnes last week. The reason is that most of the vessels that were considering fishing for Atlanto herring this winter has already finished their quota or the part they wished to take in the winter. 
some vessel ae waiting for the herring to reach the coast outside Møre. The quota overview shows that we have so far landed 101 000 tonnes and that the restquote is 95 400 tonnes.

The fishery the past week has taken place in the fjords outside Tromsø where landings reached 4 500 tonnes, in Vesterålen it was 1 100 tonnes and west of Verøy/Røst 6 500 tonnes. from the latter areas foreing vessels have contributed 1 700 tonns, purse seiners 1 400 tonnes, trawlers 4 400 tonnes and coastal vessels 4 600 tonnes.

The fleet reports of good quantity of herring in the fjords, but the average size is smaller indicating that the larger fish has started the migration soutward. If it is to reach Møre to spawn, it is running out of time. The average size of the herring in vesterålen is 337 grams, spputh of Røst 332 grams and in the fjords of tromsø 323 grams. The total weekly average is 328 grams.

The herring spawning survey starts next week. The four vessels that were to start looking for herring in advance of the survey were held up a while do to the hurricane "Tor". 

We expect less participation in the herring fishery the comin week.


Eight vessels have taken the trip to Iceland already. Four have arrived, but not a lot of capelin has been registered on the instruments. Svanaug Elise had 70 tonns that were landed on Iceland, the size was 37 per kilo. bad weather hampered the effort during the weekend.

We do not expect better weather until tuesday. The fleet has been looking for capelin north and northeast of Iceland. small registrations, but the capelin is sitting deep in the sea. we expect more vessels to sail over to Iceland and hopefully it wil help finding catchable stock.


we also saw a reduction in the fishery of mackerel. Only 3 165 tonnes from two vessels. Borth were fishing northeast of the Hebrides Islands, in area 4373. Bad weather has had a negative effect here also, but we have heards that vessels are looking for bigger fish. The average size this week has been 340 and 357 grams.

Other species:
Only 130 tonnes of Norwegian Pout has been reported.

Bergen 31. january 2016


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