The course of Fisheries as per week 8/2016

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

A good week for the blue whiting, but the season is probably over when it comes to Atlanto Scandic herring and mackerel.

Blue whiting
Nearly 57.000 MT of blue whiting were registered last week. The catching conditions have been good and most vessels have been able to get their load within 24 hrs. A skipper told he had taken 700 MT during 14 minutes! This proves how concentrated the fish now is to be found.
The operations have been carried out both in international waters and in EU waters; 42.900 MT were registered from the international zone and 11.400 MT from the EU zone. In addition 2.500 MT were taken in the Faroese zone. In international waters the operations were performed in grids between 51,5° and 53°N, and 16° - 18°W. In the EU zone from 53,5° to 54°N, and 14° -16°W.
As mentioned above, there was also a registration from the Faroese zone. A Faroese vessel chose to sell its catch through our auction, and was sold to an Icelandic buyer. The demand for raw material is very good, and both buyers in Norway, Denmark and Iceland participate resulting in good prices to the fishermen.
In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected and hopefully the weather will not be too bad for catching.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week's volume of Atlanto Scandic herring was 1.500 MT. Of this quantity 260 MT were taken by two smaller Irish vessels, getting their share of the Atlanto Scandic herring. The catching has been performed at Møre, as far north as the Hustadvika and further south off the Svinøya Island. The quality has been varying when it comes to the roe maturity, but one of the very last catches registered from the Svinøya area was of significantly higher quality with more firm roe.
In days to come we expect low activity on the Atlanto Scandic herring. Buyers report they are about to terminate this season, but still there can be a market if herring is made available.
The grand total of Atlanto Scandic herring this season amounts to 117.000 MT. Nearly 7.000 MT have been delivered by foreign vessels. Of this year's quota of 196.500 MT, some 86.000 MT remain to be caught later this year.

Foreign vessels catching mackerel have more or less terminated their winter season. Two catches amounting to 1.570 MT have been registered last week; one being sold according to contract, and one via the auction to a buyer in Peter Head. Both catches were taken by Danish vessels, one southwest of St. Kilda, and the other northwest of Ireland.
The grand total sold through Norges Sildesalgslag this winter amounts to nearly 57.000 MT, with close to 56.000 MT delivered from foreign vessels. The remaining part was taken by a couple of Nw trawlers.

Horse mackerel
290 MT of horse mackerel were registered last week; 200 MT from a Danish vessel sold via the auction to a buyer in Peter Head, while 90 MT were penned-in in southern Hordaland county, and sold to a Norwegian buyer. The size of the fish being penned-in was 450 g.

North Sea herring
Of North sea herring two catches being penned-in were registered, totalling 70 MT. The herring was caught near the town of Farsund with an average size of 198 g.

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