The course of Fisheries as per week 22/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Despite northern winds and bad conditions, the week's result was significantly better for the North Sea herring compared to the previous week. Industrial fishing has been on an even level, while there was less mackerel to be penned-in. 

North Sea herring
Northern winds and herring being wide spread have not exactly given optimal conditions, still; the aggregated volume last week reached 10.250 MT incl. some 200 MT from Skagerrak. Of this volume, 7.650 MT were sold for fileting and 2.400 MT for matjes puposes. All catches of matjes herring, except one, were sold at the displayed auction in Egersund. The additional single catch was sold in Skagen.
The buyers are stating that the herring is of even and very good quality. The size has been from 130 -172 g with an average at 149 g. The herring to be fileted has been somewhat bigger; from 130 -200 g with an average at 168 g. A fraction of what has been sold for fileting/freezing is believed to have been produced as matjes herring.
The catching last week has been performed over a huge area, and catches have been reported from "Utsiragrunnen" in south to Oseberg further north.
45 different vessels have reported their catches last week.
Three vessels have been in Skagerrak and each of them has taken a catch of Skagerrak herring. The volume is though modest; totaling 200 MT.

Coastal mackerel
Last week it was registered some 100 MT of mackerel to be penned-in. This is less than the week before, and a slow market results in quite high volumes now being penned-in waiting for buyers. On Friday there was 135 MT at the auction and nothing was sold. The total volume has increased during the weekend, and on Sunday night 200 MT are being un-sold. 20 MT have been reported to be freezed.
Up north there are no reports of mackerel yet.

Industrial fishing
From the trawlers situated along the "edge", it was reported altogether 2.950 MT last week for indirect consumption. Of this volume 70 MT; horse mackerel, 1.755 MT; blue whiting, 880 MT: Norway pout - and other species.

Other items
Dynamic minimum prices - previously known from the Atlanto Scandic herring fisheries, is now also being introduced relative to North Sea herring, as from Monday 6st of June. The new minimum price for mixed catch is NOK 4,96 / kg.

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