The course of Fisheries as per week 23/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The best week for North Sea herring despite northern winds. The mackerel season up north got started - and blue whiting was caught in the Norwegian Sea. 

North Sea herring
Despite northern winds prevailing last week, we registered the best week so far for the North Sea herring, totaling 20.700 MT. Of this volume close to 10.000 MT were caught on Monday and Tuesday just prior to winds getting harder. By the end of the week the winds calmed and the fishing improved with 7.400 MT throughout the weekend. The fishermen made periodically good observation of herring, the challenge being to find the right magnitude to make a cast.
The fishing has mainly taken place in Norwegian waters over a huge area from the Patch Bank in the south and further north to Heimdal/Frigg - and even further west of Oseberg till the north side of the Viking Bank. From EU waters there are just a few catches taken west of Heimdal/Frigg.
As usual the size of the herring is growing as one gets further north. From the southern areas the average size has been as low as 145 g, while in the higher end, the average observed north of the Viking Bank, was 210 g.
The demand - and prices, are still good. This led to an adjustment; NOK 5,10 as the minimum price, based on the dynamic modelling. This is a historically high price for North Sea herring for any use.
In the forthcoming week it is expected to be high activity in consideration of the moon phase - and later full moon to come, - also being now by mid-June is helpful as the herring most likely will better tend to stick together. Hopefully the northern winds will not be too harsh allowing better catch conditions.

As last year, the vessel "Snarsetvaering" was the very first to get mackerel up north. Later during the week, more vessels joined and the result by the end of the week reached 320 MT. The weather has, however, been fairly bad with low temperatures and northern winds.
In the south, from Rogaland to Sogn counties, the smaller vessels have reported close to 90 MT for fresh usage. This is at the same level as the week before and some 150 MT with mackerel is penned-in to be sold as fresh.

Blue whiting
Last week the first catch from the Norwegian Sea was registered as "Herøyfjord" reported 1.460 MT. The blue whiting is taken in the same area and at the same period as we saw last year when catching in the Norwegian Sea started.
From "the edge" in the North Sea there were eleven vessels reporting 1.300 MT of blue whiting and 1.250 MT of Norway pout.

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