The course of Fisheries as per week 24/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

 A high number of vessels were participating for the North Sea herring, but northern winds hampered the activity. - Same conditions when it comes to mackerel up north. On Sunday, however, there was an improvement in the North Sea

North Sea herring
12.800 MT came out as grand total last week giving 11.200 MT for fileting purposes and some 1.500 MT suited for matjes herring production; - 600 MT delivered in Egersund and 900 MT in Skagen. (Two catches not yet sold, but underway to Egersund/Skagen).
As mentioned, the northern winds have been dominating last week, and on Saturday there was no catching at all. A few vessels were at the field waiting for the winds to calm down. On Sunday the fleet set sail again and the catching was far better.
The activity has been performed over a huge area, from the Ling Bank in the south part to an area north of Oseberg. 150 MT were taken in EU waters. The size varied from 134- 215 g, the best size being caught in the north part. 79 different vessels have registered their catches last week.

The mackerel season has started up north, but the results so far are modest. Some 1.550 MT were registered. The fishing has been carried out along the Lofoten part of the Vestfjorden, and mackerel being penned-in was taken in the communities of Værøy, Moskenes, Vestvågøy and Vågan. The size of the mackerel; 420 - 500 g.
Further south there has also been some fishing; totalling 120 MT. Of this volume 75 MT will be prduced as frozen. Fresh sales are still moderate, just 50 MT sold at the auction. 135 MT are stilling being penned-in and not yet sold.

Industrial fish
3.100 MT of blue whiting, 700 MT of Norway pout and 650 MT of other industrial species were registered last week. One vessel has been operating in the Norwegian Sea and brought back 1.250 MT of blue whiting. Another vessel was off the Møre coast and brought back blue whiting as well; 100 MT. The remaining part has been taken along the "edge" and 13 vessels have been in activity.

Horse mackerel
A purse seiner landed 70 MT of horse mackerel taken in an area north of Oseberg, grid 2852. The average size of the fish was 354 g. 10 MT have been penned-in near Florø and the remaining part has been taken as bycatch during industrial catching.
In the forthcoming week high activity is still expected in the North Sea. The same goes for the mackerel further north.

Hopefully the weather will prove more favourable.

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