The course of Fisheries as per week 25/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

High activity resulted in a record for North Sea herring last week. But disappointing when it comes to mackerel up north, - better when it comes to Norway pout.

North Sea herring
The North Sea herring has been widely spread this season and the challenge has been to locate high enough concentrations to make a proper cast. This was also the overall picture last week; however, Sunday came out as a better day for several vessels. The efforts have been great; as many as 84 vessels have contributed to what became the best week so far; 21.200 MT. Of this volume some 5.000 MT were taken in the vicinity of Oseberg on Wednesday - the very best day last week.
The main part was taken in just this area and the herring was in the range of 200 g as an average. Later in the week the outcome was less and vessels moved into the EU zone northwest of Frigg, or further south in the Nw zone to the northern edge of the Patch Bank where the fishing was performed during the weekend. In this area the herring is smaller; 143-195 g.
The demand is still good with high prices both for filets and matjes purposes. But smaller size gives a lower price. Based on prices from the latest two weeks, the new minimum price as of Monday 27th June is NOK 5,21 or 13 øre higher  than by last adjustment.
Of this year's quota of 155.919 MT, half is now caught - 78.000 MT. Several vessels have finished their Nw share and have started their vacation.
In the forthcoming week fewer vessels are expected to participate. Hopefully the herring will be more concentrated to ease the catching.

Just 1.250 MT was registered last week. Of this volume some 1.000 MT were caught up north. This is a disappointing low result as it was expected to be an improved fishing. The observations made along the Lofoten side of the West Fjord are scarce, illustrated by the fact that the highest volume last week was just 35 MT. If the conditions are not improving, the vessels will aim for other northern areas in days to come.
On the west coast of Norway the activity has slowed down as well, despite the buyers' great interest. Just 80 MT are no left penned-in. The main part of this volume is in Rogaland County, while further north in Hordaland County, there is very little mackerel available.

Fishing for indirect consumption
From the Egersund Bank and further north along the edge to an area west of Bømlo islands, the trawlers have taken 1.320 MT of Norway pout and 1.300 MT of blue whiting - plus some silvers melt and horse mackerel. In these operations time is essential with long hauls from early morning to late night. For Norway pout the conditions have improved last week, and hopefully we will see a good summer season.

The vessels are sorting out the mixed-in portion of white fish for consumption purposes, landing it both in Norway and Denmark.

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