The course of Fisheries as per week 11/2016

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The fleet looking for blue whiting is operating southwest of St. Kilda. 

Blue whiting
Another good week when it comes to blue whiting; 42.200 MT registered as a total. The volume came from 25 Norwegian vessels - and one Faroese.
The activities started early in the week off the Porcupine Bank. The catching has been somewhat uneven with good hauls - then next to nothing in just a short while. This led vessels to go to the areas north of the "Irish Box" at a level corresponding to the southern peak of the Hebrides. The first catch from this area was reported by the vessel "Endre Dyrhøy" on Saturday, and during the weekend all Norwegian vessels have been operating in this area. It is expected improvement in catching as normally the blue whiting will migrate into this area from southwest.
The catches last week were sold for reduction purposes both in Norway and Denmark. The prices are still at a high level.
In the forthcoming week lower volumes are foreseen. In addition to several vessels having finished, some vessels now prefer Easter holydays before again heading west to the fields southwest of St. Kilda.

Coastal catching
From the south part of Hordaland County and into Rogaland, three vessels have taken 135 MT of horse mackerel for consumption purposes.
In addition the very first registration of mackerel was a fact, 3 MT from Vindafjord in Rogaland County.

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