The course of Fisheries as per week 9/2016

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

Catching of blue whiting good - as long as the weather is good. 

Blue whiting
Harsh weather west of Ireland has in periods hampered the activities. Still, 48.000 MT were registered last week. 31.000 MT of this volume was taken during the weekend. The fishermen make good observations of blue whiting and are able to fill up fairly quickly when weather allows. As a total 29 vessels have been delivering the above mentioned volume, - all of them being Norwegian vessels except one being Faroese ("Fagraberg").
On Friday the Directorate changed the part quota unit in EU waters relative to blue whiting trawlers. Following this increase the quota can be taken in EU waters, and last week as much as 38.000 MT were taken in this zone. In addition 265 MT were taken in Norwegian zone and 11.700 MT outside the line of 200 n.m. in international waters.
All catches have been sold for reduction purposes in Norway, Denmark and Iceland. The price level is record high which is highly appreciated taking into account the quota reductions compared to last year's quota of 498.173 MT - (300.950 MT this year).
Four vessels have already taken their part, while new vessels are still joining and the activity is expected to be high in the forthcoming week as well.

Horse mackerel
Since the turn of the year three vessels have been chasing the horse mackerel in Norwegian fjords. Last week they came out with close to 100 MT, and the grand total so far this year is 250 MT.
This horse mackerel is fish of local origin and it is fairly hard to locate. The catches have been taken from Tysvær in southwest and further north to Lindås north of Bergen. The size has been some 450 g and the fishermen get good prices as the demand for consumption purposes is good. 

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