The course of Fisheries as per week 17/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The best week so far, but still not with results as we could hope for when it comes to sandeel. 

As expected, last week came out as the best so far considering volumes; the grand total reached 11.100 MT. This volume was shared between 15 different vessels with catches from 220 -1.060 MT.
Even if we had the best week volume vice, fishing has not been at its very best. It has been more an exception than a rule to have a good haul hitting the sendeel in the right moment. Normally the sandeel will be gathering in sunny weather, but sun and warmth has not been the case. One fisherman reported even snow in the air.
The main part; 9.000 MT was taken at the Inner Shoal where most vessels have been operating. The activity has been performed in a limited area, making it difficult as several vessels are operating in a narrow spot. The remaining part was taken near the West Bank - from where the reports are modest.
The catches were sold to meal/oil plants both in Norway and Denmark. As for the blue whiting earlier this season, the fishermen have got high prices for their raw material. Of this year's quota of 40.000 MT, 15.600 MT now has been caught.
"Eros" started last week this year's sendeel survey, and in two weeks, results from this survey should be ready. Following a possible good result, the grand quota may be adjusted.
In the forthcoming week we still expect several vessels to participate, and hopefully improving temperatures may influence catching results.

Blue whiting
Just two vessels have been operating giving last week's volume of 2.600 MT. The Faroese vessel "Høgaberg" got 2.400 MT  - in Faroese waters, and "Piraja" got 200 MT near the "edge" being a mixed catch.

Operations along the coast
Following more sunshine along the western coast last week, the activity among the smaller vessels improved. In an area from Sogn to Rogaland counties, 11 catches of mackerel have been sold as fresh catch. Also from the southernmost part of Norway the catching improved last week.
For horse mackerel; three catchers amounting to 40 MT and for herring a few smaller catches.

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