The course of Fisheries as per week 18/2016 (1)

Published: by Jarle A. Hansen

The sandeel fishery not exactly busy last week, but a few large catches of blue whiting resulted in some extra raw material for the Norwegian meal&oil industry. 

The conditions for the sandeel fisheries have not been at the best last week when operations were carried out in the open fields of the West Bank, Outer and Inner Shoal. The grand total came out with 7.500 MT. Some vessels reported of some good hauls, while next time there was nothing. On Sunday night the fleet was widely spread over the above mentioned fields.
Those vessels getting the chance to fish on Klondyke have on the other side been successful. Reports tell there is a lot of fish being observed and the vessel have got their quantities in a short time.

Blue whiting
Two Faroese vessels have landed 5.300 MT in Norway last week. Norwegian vessels have reported two catches from the Channel amounting to 330 MT. This was blue whiting being mixed in other species, both for direct consumption and reduction purposes.
Of other industrial species there is just a modest volume of 170 MT shared on Norway pout and silver smelt.

Coastal operations 
When it comes to the coastal fleet it has been a quiet week. Five catches have been penned-in amounting to 18 MT. The demand for fish has been moderate as well. On last week's latest mackerel auction (on Friday), no catches were sold. Looking twelve months back, week no. 18 was also quiet last year, but from week no. 19 onward the activities were high in the southern areas in 2015r. Further north the first direct landing of mackerel was reported on June the 3rd, and the first catch being penned-in was on June the 17th.

Of species some North Sea herring (7 MT) was penned-in near Bømlo isles. The size; some 260 g as an average.

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