The course of Fisheries as per week 19/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The opening of Klondyke boosted the sandeel fishery. Higher activity for the coast mackerel.

The opening of Klondyke gave far better results and the week's volume of sandeel reached 10.500 MT. This volume was shared between 13 different vessels with catches from 200 - 1.150 MT.
The catching was carried out early in the week, mainly in an area north of Inner Shoal. From this field the results were fairly moderate with just a few good hauls. When it on Friday was given access to Klondyke, the vessels moved north into this area. Here the activity at first was hampered by strong winds, but improved significantly on Sunday.
The prices are still at a record high level, and the catches were sold to Måløy in the north and further south as far as Hanstholm.
Based on reports from this season's sandeel fisheries, the Institute of Marine Research did not recommend an increase of the quotas being already set at 40.000 MT. - Some 6.800 MT still remain of this quantity. Following the good results from Klondyke, we expect most of the remaining part to be finished during this week.

Blue whiting
Last week came out with a total of 3.900 MT. Of this quantity as much as 2.500 MT were taken by the Faroese vessel "Finnus Fridi" in Faroese waters. Several vessels having now concluded their sandeel season, are aiming for blue whiting - Norway pout at the "Edge". Eight vessels have reported catches from some 90 MT to 410 MT at the most.

Operations along the coast
With summerly conditions at the west coast earlier last week, the activity for fishing mackerel improved. 12 different vessels reported more than 33 MT of mackerel. The registrations are made from Austevoll in the north to Sandnes further south. The sales of fresh mackerel have been slow so far. Hopefully more summerly weather will boost the demand for mackerel and improve the sales.

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