The course of Fisheries as per week 20/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

The North Sea herring season has started, while the sandeel season is over. Also some activity for penned-in mackerel at the west coast.

North Sea herring
On Thursday we got this season's first registrations of North Sea herring. The vessel "Sjøglans" got a catch of 280 MT taken just north of Oseberg. The following day there were two more catches from the same area, and in addition one of the vessels also had a catch taken further south. - The grand total last week reached 1.940 MT.
The herring taken in the vicinity of Oseberg was sized from 170-185 g with an average of 177 g. The herring taken further south, grid 0811 (Scottish Klondyke) and grid 0813, had an average of 144 g.
By Sunday night buyers were ready both in Denmark and in Norway. From buyers receiving the herring, it is reported that the herring is of goo quality and significantly more fatty than last year. There is observed some stomach content in the herring, which can be challenging especially for the smaller sized fish. On Saturday there were no vessels at the field, on Sunday however, some ten vessels were in operation.  New info tells of no observations right now.
Even if the herring being caught now is not yet of the conditions to be defined as matjes herring, it is a certain optimism of matjes season soon to start. The "Matjes hall" in Egersund is ready from the end of next week in case some vessels prefer to display their catches for possible matjes acceptance.
In the forthcoming week high activity is expected and hopefully good catches. The buyers are ready!

Last week the last catches of sandeel were taken and the season is by this in fact over. The accumulated volume was 7.300 MT shared on 10 catches.

Other industrial fishing
Of other species registered by trawlers operating at the edge, we have 750 MT of Norway pout and 170 MT of other species. Most vessels, if not everyone, have got their catches in combination with white fish.

Operations along the coast
Coastal operations in the southern part of Norway are reporting 70 MT of penned-in mackerel for fresh sale. So far the demand had s been moderate, but will hopefully improve. The mackerel has a weight varying between 300 - 500 g.
Further north it is still too early in the season for mackerel. Last year the first catch up north was registered on June the 3rd.  - Also here the buyers are ready. 

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