The course of Fisheries as per week 44/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

A good week for both North Sea - and Atlanto Scandic herring, - but less mackerel.  - And the "horse"?  - Well, just the "fever" so far.

Atlanto Scandic herring
During last week close to 21.500 MT were registered, and also fishermen "penning-in" herring up north have now started their operations.
Though, it was in the Norwegian Sea the real volumes were registered. 18.000 MT were reported from an area close to 66°N. Both Norwegian and foreign vessels have been in operation and the volumes were 15.000 MT and 3.000 MT respectively. The size of the herring was in the range from 304-385 g; the average was 343 g.
In the vicinity of Tromsø the operations have just started, and 3.300 MT are so far registered. The size of the herring in this area was in the range from 305-379 g and the average was 349 g.
Also in the area off Trøndelag/Møre, some catches were reported, altogether 200 MT of which 75 MT were penned-in. This herring was significantly smaller; 200 -220 g.
As mentioned above, also foreign vessels have been in operation, and some 3.000 MT were registered from four vessels; 3 being from Ireland and one from Denmark. The new Danish "flagship" ("Ruth") got alone 2.150 MT. This seems to be the highest volume ever landed in Norway for consumption purposes.
In the forthcoming week high activity is expected by coastal vessels, especially up north.

North Sea herring
Improved volumes of North Sea herring last week; some 11.400 MT registered. The fleet hit bigger sized herring further south, between 55° 56' N and 56°N (grid 41-40), some 100 n.m. northeast of Newcastle. The size was from 131-220 g with an average at 182 g. To get confirmed bigger sized herring is regarded very positive, and as we understand it, more herring was observed in this area. Sunday night it was a new registration from a field further north; Bressay Bank (grid 42-33). And again herring with good size.
Apart of what the high sea vessels are reporting, 25 MT was penned-in near Lindås, just north of Bergen. Also some herring has been reported being bycatch linked to sprat operations in the Oslo Fjord.
In the forthcoming week still high activity is expected. The quota account indicates a remaining part of 45.000 MT relative to Norwegian vessels, including the flex. part.

Last week's volume of mackerel fell and came out with 11.500 MT. 1.840 MT were caught by Nw vessels and 9.660 MT by foreigners. The area of operation was in the EU zone, grid 42-21, 22, 23, 41 and 42 - east of the Orkneys and further north and east of Fair Isle/Sumburgh Head.

Horse mackerel
The signals of horse mackerel leading to a "fever" last weekend, proved to be just a very short fever - so far. Some 450 MT was the result of last week's activity. In addition there was 190 MT as bycatch from industrial catching. It remains to be seen whether the shifting moon will have an influence.  - There is always optimism in every fisherman.

Coastal sprat
85 MT of good sized sprat were caught in outer Oslo Fjord last week - in the neighboring fields between Tønsberg and Moss/Fredrikstad. The sprat was delivered to a Swedish buyer and the size was 45-50 pcs/kg. There is also some sprat reported being bycatch form North Sea herring operations.

Indirect consumption
Just a few catches were reported from indirect consumption's activity last week; 600 MT as a total. One catch was taken in Skagerrak, another at the "edge", being mixed by blue whiting, horse mackerel, Norway pout and silver smelt.

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