The course of Fisheries as per week 46/2016

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

The mackerel season towards an end

The mackerel season is going towards an end despite close to 5.000 MT registered last week. The main part was reported by foreign vessels; 4.850 MT, caught in an area south and west of Shetland.

North Sea herring
As the allowed quota in EU waters was expected to be fulfilled, there was a halt in operations. But as an extended permisson was granted, operations reassumed in areas south and east of Shetland. Last week's volumes accumulated to 9.212 MT, mainly taken by Nw purse seiners. The size of the herring varied from 138 -210 g, without any specific indication of area/size.

Atlanto Scandic herring
Following some difficulties caused by weather in the beginning of the week, - and closed areas up north, the operations reassumed on Thursday. Apart from three catches by purse seiners (2080 MT) and one Russian freezing vessel's contribution (327 MT), it was the coastal fleet which dominated deliveries by 7.500 MT. Catches from Trøndelag proved a weight in the range from 200-230 g, - for purse seiners in the Norwegian Sea; 330-340 g, and in the Tromsø area; 290 -381 g.

Other catching
A catch of sprat taken in the Oslo Fjord (27 MT) was delivered in Sweden.
Two trawlers with different industrial species, reported altogether some 400 MT.

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