The course of Fisheries as per week 47/2016

Published: by Roar Bjånesøy

Teh mackerel season is over - low activity for herring

Atlanto Scandic herring
Again a week with a modest volume; 7.900 MT registered. The reason is that most vessels now have fulfilled their quotas.
The herring, except two Nw and two Russian catches, was taken at the coast. The fjords in Troms are the main field for this activity. Here some 6.800 MT of last week's quantity was taken.
The herring from this area as also previously observed has a weight from 330 - 375 g. The average was 355 g. The herring from the coast of Trøndelag is of smaller size; 200-230 g.
Looking at the quota accounts, 9.400 MT remain, implying that everyone will take their part of the flex quota.

In the absence of foreign vessels, the mackerel volume last week was just 835 MT. There were three catches from two Nw vessels in addition to some mackerel being penned-in. The size was from 358-384 g.The mackerel was taken
southwest of Shetland, and it is reported promising observations of mackerel in these areas.
Norwegian vessels are finished now. So are mostly foreign vessels, - thus just small quantities are expected in time to come.

North Sea herring
Six vessels, shared on eight registrations, came out with altogether 2.300 MT of North Sea herring last week. All catches were taken in the EU zone east and west of Bressay Bank southeast of Shetland.
The size was between 147-200 g, and the market is still good with fairly high prices at the auctions. Especially this is the case for the best sized herring where the share of herring beneath 125 g is at a minimum.
In the forthcoming week we expect still some catches. However, the quota linked to EU waters is diminishing and further catching will then be in the Nw zone. Hopefully some herring will cross the border line!

Horse mackerel
Not everyone has yet given up hopes, and during the weekend eight Nw vessels were hunting this unpredictable "mate" in an area south of Kristiandsand and further west off Egersund. In the meantime the new moon on Tuesday this week gives another hope. - A couple of coastal vessels have reported 17 MT of horse mackerel.

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