The course of Fisheries as per week 40/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Another good week for mackerel and increasing activity for the North Sea herring. 

Good weather conditions played a key role when we look back on another good week in fishing mackerel. The grand total reached 45.000 MT and daily catches were between 5.000 and 8.400 MT. The reduction of volume over the last couple of days is due to the fact of mackerel quotas now are being fulfilled. On Sunday night there was left fifteen vessels still having some regular quotas, but also being close to finish their season.
Last week the fish was moving from an area north of 63°N to the Viking Bank south of 60° 30' N. Following the fact of mackerel moving southwards, good results for trailers were registered with as much as 30 MT. The size has been from 352 to 425 g with a weekly average of 374 g.
Of last week's quantity, purse seiners represented 33.700 MT, the trawlers close to 1.200 MT, smaller vessels 9.900 MT - and finally foreign vessels had close to 500 MT.
During the forthcoming week significant smaller volumes are expected as several vessels now are finishing - or close to do so. - There still might be some deliveries from foreign vessels.

North Sea herring
As the fleet now is ceasing their activity for mackerel, more vessels are aiming for the North Sea herring. As a grand total 4.700 MT were registered last week and the operations were performed both in Norwegian and EU waters, both by trawlers and purse seiners. The size has been varying from 133 to 212 g, with an average at 172 g. In Nw waters the fishing was carried out in an area east of the Bergen Ground while in the EU zone the fishing took place north and east of Fladen. The catches have been sold to buyers in both Norway and Denmark, but mainly in Norway.
Also coastal vessels have been chasing North Sea herring, and 130 MT were penned-in, the herring being somewhat bigger here; 200-330 g.
In weeks to come, more of the open sea fleet will participate as many vessels still have quotas left.

Fishing for indirect consumption
Last week the volume was lower both when it comes to blue whiting and Norway pout; 500 MT and 1.260 MT respectively. In addition there was registered 290 MT of horse mackerel and 240 MT of argentine together with some North Sea herring as by-catch.

Other fisheries
Along the coast there was registered some catches oh Atlanto Scandic herring, just north of 62°N. The herring was penned-in and catches vary from 5 to 30 MT with an average size of 229 g, - aggregated it was 200 MT. 10 MT was delivered for intermediate storing in Hammerfest (Finnmark County) by a Russian vessel.

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