The course of Fisheries as per week 41/2016

Published: by Norges Sildesalgslag

Just a few vessels in operation and only small mackerel quotas left for Norwegian fishermen. More North Sea herring delivered - and this season's first catch of Atlanto Scandic herring was registered. Industrial catching with increased volumes. 

Last week's total reached some 16.800 MT, with 13.000 MT from Nw vessels and 3.800 MT from foreign vessels.
The quota accounts indicate that the mackerel quotas now quickly are coming to an end; but still 15.500 MT are left to be shared among some vessels.
The operations last week were carried out in the Norwegian zone, and catches were reported from all four grids at the Bergen Bank, Oseberg and eastwards to the "Tampen tongue".
The size of the fish reported by the sea going fleet was from 363 to 430 g with an average at 374 g. The coastal fleet penning-in mackerel, reported some 200 MT and the size had an average of 250 g.
The trailers also reported good results last week; altogether 720 MT. - Average size: 384 g and the catching was in the same area as sea going vessels operated.

In the forthcoming week it is expected that the Nw vessels are catching their remaining part in addition to more delivered from foreign vessels.


North Sea herring
There has been more catching of North Sea herring last week; a total 7.140 MT were registered. Of this volume 140 MT were penned-in and 15 MT were by-catch in other fisheries.

The volume from sea going vessels, some 7.000 MT were caught both in Nw and EU waters and vessels from different groups have been in activity. In the EU zone the catching has been performed in an area from Fladen and eastwards towards the borderline, grids 42-13 and 14, 42-23 and 24, and also grid 08-53. The size is highly varying, from 136 - 220 g; with an average at 173 g. Buyers from Uthaug to Skagen were receiving this herring.


Atlanto Scandic herring
Last week the catching of Atlanto Scandic herring started for sea going vessels. As was mentioned last week (at the Nw web site), "Talbor" was the first vessel to get a catch of 840 MT on Thursday. In the days which followed, seven more catches were registered totaling 4.200 MT. I addition to the 8 catches in the Norwegian Sea, one catch was taken at the coast of Møre (20 MT).

The fishing in the Norwegian Sea has taken place in grids 30-04, 05, 13 and 14, 170-180 n.m. northeast of Smøla Island. The volumes caught vary from 155 - 960 MT, and the average size was from 333 -375 g, with an average at 354 g. The size of the herring caught at Møre was 215 g. Four purse seiners and three costal vessels have been in operation in the Norwegian Sea.

Fishing for indirect consumption
Last week the volumes from industrial operations increased significantly compared to the foregoing week. As a total 5.000 MT were taken, shared on 3.300 MT of Norway pout, 920 MT of blue whiting, 430 MT of horse mackerel and 350 MT of argentine/silvery pout/hake. The Norway pout were taken both in EU and Norwegian waters, respectively 2.700 MT in the EU zone and 600 MT in the Norwegian zone. The other species were taken mostly along the edge.

Other fisheries
In the Oslo Fjord a catch of 15 MT of coastal sprat was registered, - size 50 pcs/kg. The fish was sold to a Swedish producer. A catch of horse mackerel was also registered taken by purse, some 30 MT, size 330 g and caught on the west coast of Norway, (Bulandet), grid 2803.

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